Humboldt Museum

Winnemucca, Nevada

1897 Deal Buggy Company

1903 Curved Dash Oldsmobile

1907 Chase Truck - Chase Motor Truck Company started production in 1907 in Syracuse, New York, of a one-ton truck with an air-cooled, three-cylinder, two-cycle engine. The company was defunct by 1919. This unit was converted to parade duty.


1907 International Auto-Buggy - Only 73 were built first year of production

1909 Schacht Runabout Model K.

Schacht was an American manufacturer in Cincinnati, Ohio of automobile, trucks and fire trucks from 1904 to 1940.  Production of automobiles was from 1904 to 1914 with over 8,000 automobiles produced. The company was renamed the G.A. Schacht Motor Truck Company and production of trucks and fire trucks continued until 1940.

1910 Auto-Bug - Has incorrect lamps and altered steering wheel

1911 Brush Runabout 

Brush Motor Car Company (1907-1909), was based in Highland Park, Michigan. The company was founded by A. P. Brush who designed a light car with a wooden chassis (actually, wooden rails and iron cross-members), friction drive transmission and "underslung" coil springs in tension instead of compression on both sides of each axle. Power was provided by a large single-cylinder water-cooled engine.

1911 Cyclecar  - Has Harley Davidson engine

1918 Chevrolet "Royal Mail"