Photos I Like
                                                                                                                    Because I shot em!

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Jimmy Wood on Dodge Bros Indian at Lancaster

Joel Kath on a Goldstar at Willow

Tom Horton on Trackmaster Triumph at Del Mar

John Lundgren getting help at Del Mar.

Jimmy Wood and cousin Alex at Perris Raceway

Dash at Castle Rock - 2008. 59 is JD Beach on a Triumph

Jethro at WCFTS race held at Fresno's Grizzlies Stadium

Shaun Russell, Ron Wood, Johnny Murphree and Elliott Iverson

Kevin Varnes at Willow

Jarad Mees and Johnny Murphree at Willow

Tom Horton and Jeff  Johnson at Del Mar

Ken Thiebaud and Paul Herman on Triumphs at Willow

Tom Horton and Jim Monegon at AHRMA Willow

Dick and Kay Mann

Ken Thiebaud at Santa Maria Bullring

1n. Stevie Bonsey - 24p Steve Murray - 21 Jared Mees - 69 Jethro Halbert at WCVDTS Bakersfield

Eddie Castro at Ventura

33 JR Schnabe - 58Z Jesse Sanchez  - 69W Jethro Halbert - 47E  Ronnie Brown - 8  Rod Spencer
 21 Jared Mees - 28  Shaun Russell - 20 Johnny Murphree At Del Mar

Jimmy Wood, Joe Steffen and Joel Kath at Perris Raceway

Pits at Ventura

58Z  Jesse Sanchez - 69W Jethro Halbert - 58W Beau Brown - 66E Jimmy Wood - 70 John Hlebo - 8 Rodney Spencer Jr.   

Jimmy Wood and Stevie Bonsey at Tulare

Tom Horton and Eddie Mulder At Ventura

Jeff  Johnson at WCFTS Vallejo, California

50 Brad Holt and 5y Maurice Ortega tangle at Lodi AHRMA

The late Rob Damron #1 - 55 Tom Horton - 59 Mule - 97 Danny Ritchie
 WCFTS Vallejo, California 2000

Sidecar at Ventura

KR, Dick and Kay Mann

Sonny Nutter, Jack O'Brian, Jody 
Nicholas, John Hateley and Walt Fulton

Paul Herman at Ventura

JR Schnabe and Jared Mees at Willow

JR Schnabe and Ronnie Brown at Del Mar

Joe Steffen and Mike O’Neil at Willow

68 Paul Herman and 42z Tony Mitchell at WCFTS - Perris

Vintage 750's at Willow

Photo taken by my wife in Paris

Harleys? We don't ride no stinkin' Harleys!