Photos I Like
                                                                                                                    Because I shot em!

Page Two

Brad Baker at Willow

Mees and Bauman at Willow

Mees and Baker at Willow Springs

Digger and Jared at Willow

A.J. Herrera and Austin Helmholz

Stevie Bonsey at Vegas Southpoint

Vintage!  Bates jersey - Maely shoes - No Gloves. Slow Wayne   

Chris and Springer at Sacramento

Ronnie Brown and Mikey Rush after Dash win at Castle Rock

Previous Hammer winners Dick Mann, Ralph White, Sammy Tanner, Everett Brashear and Skip Van Leeuwen are

 flanked by Trailblazers president Don Emde and Keith  Mashburn.

Sammy Tanner, Dan Rouit and John Hateley

Red Rock Harley in Las Vegas

Cool Bus at Castle Rock


                    Jeff Lessley at Bakersfield                                                                Rob Mac with Speed Channel Lady at Southpoint     


                  Wayne, Tom and Jeff at Delmar                                                  Cindy Rutherford at Trailblazers Banquet     

Digger Day at Bakersfield


                              Sammy at Vegas Southpoint                                                                         Jethro and Stevie at Vegas Southpoint

Sammy at Willow

John Kocinski at Southpoint

Briar Bauman at Vegas Southpoint

Sammy ay Lodi

Start at Willow Springs

Sammy Halbert and Briar Bauman at Willow

Sammy Halbert at Vegas Southpoint

Brad Baker and Jared Mees at Lodi

Jeff Carver

Rob Pearson


Jimmy Wood and Branden Bergen at Sacramento