This years tee shirt picture is a Walt Mohony picture taken in 1965
at Ascot Park of 92r Reg Chosney and 25x Mike Morton

Page two - outside

Page three - Munro Special

15th Annual Open House

Despite a rainy day, a record crowd attended the 15th annual festivities 
at Dan and Kathys museum.

Dan and Tom Hensley with Munro Special

New additions to collection

DT1 was the learner bike for many riders of the golden era.

Arron King's Missile Honda with 1999 CR125 engine

Norton Trackmaster donated by Earl Bachant

Tom Sifton's homemade cam grinding machine - circa 1957

AMA Museum didn't want it! Our gain.

Ken Thiebaud with Triumph 500 twin.

A real one, but not THE REAL ONE!

Page two - outside

Page three - Munro Special