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19th Annual Open House
May 16th, 2010
The People

Dan and Kathy Rouit

Dave Hanson, Tom Horton, Dan Rouit, Joe Leonard and George Sepulveda

Phoenix collector Wayne Bialls,who found this bike in Japan and brought it to the USA,
visits with Dan for the first time since the Triumphs complete restoration.

Dave Hansen, Rod Lake and Dan.                         Dave Zanotti, Slow Wayne and Bryan Bergen

Tom Horton and Don Castro.                                            Sammy Tanner and Dan.        

Sammy and Joe. Maybe Joe's stay in the Hospital was to long!

Tom Horton and Dave Hanson discuss the 1974
Astrodome poster and their second and third
place finishes in that short track race.

Dave rode a Champion Honda for 2nd,
while Tom was on a Shell Yamaha.

Astrodome 1974 in the Mags
Digger, Dan, Kathy and Ken Thiebaud.       Tom's Horton and Seymour.                    Pancho and Dan.        

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