20th Annual Open House
May 15th, 2011
The People

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Jim Odom, Judy Whitson, Tom Seymor, Digger, Glen Pierce and Keith Mashburn present Dan with an invitation to next years
 Trailblazers Banquet to be inducted into the Trailblazers Hall of Fame.

Peter Starr autographs a copy of his new book "Taking it to the Limit" for Dan and Kathy

Dan's acceptence was a little emotional                                          Trailblazer Judy Whitson with Dan and Kathy

               Dave Hanson with Triumph that he                                 Jerry Turner, Digger, Kathy and Jim Odom with Dan
 won on at the Astrodome.

Jim Odom and Dante with KR 250 single shock glass.                       Joe Simone and George Sepulveda                               

Berge and Dave Zanotti                                                   Ken Thiebaud and Butch Cochran

Jimmy Wray brought a few prints for the museum                  Berge found an interesting photo in Starr's book

Tees, Caps, Books and CDs.

Food, Food, lots of good food!

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