Dan Rouit Flat Track Museum gallery

Triumph Speedway raced in Japan

This rare Triumph powered racer was found in the early nineties under a wood pile,
behind an antique store in Tokyo. Wayne Bialls, an American car collector from Phoenix,
returned to the U.S. with his prize and proceeded with the restoration. When Bialls decided to sell
 the machine, he chose the VFT For Sale page and a quick call to Dan resulted in it being added
 to the growing museum collection. Dan’s good friend Aver Hensley, from Clovis, preformed
 the bending of a proper set of handlebars, additional chroming and installation of the
 knee hook and number plates. The motorcycle was most likely raced until the early eighties.

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Mid 1960's Triumph Daytona

  500cc twin, Amal carbs, and no brakes. This bike was built by the factory and tuned by Dick Bender
 for #9 Gary Nixon and #16 Dick Hammer. Nixon earned the #1 plate for Triumph in 1967 and 1968.
Bike is now owned by Rod Lake.

Early 60's Royal Enfield

Shell Thuet tuned 500cc Royal Enfield raced by Guy Lewis and Elliot Schultz
 primarily at Ascot Park. Schultz set the one lap record of 22.44 in 1963 which stood
for many years. The bike is in as raced condition.
Bike owned by Rod Lake.

Mid 50's Vellocette Half Miler

MSS 500cc engine, 1948 ridged frame, stock forks, Barnes rear wheel, HD WR front wheel and no brakes.
This bike was built and owned by Ernie Pico, Bob Waltker and Will Joiner.
This bike was raced primarily at Ascot Park. It was ridden by Terry Dohaher #43x, Art Barda #96,
 Lynn Halloway #50k, plus others.  In one season at Ascot they held 33 Friday night races.
In his junior year, Dohaher  made 31 of the 33 main events, the other 2 he fell down.
The bike is in as raced condition.

1957 BSA Goldstar

500 cc engine, Amal GP carb. Twenty one inch front wheel was used by Mark Brelsford, #47
in his junior year at Sacramento in 1968 or 1969 to cut wind resistance. Brelsford was riding
a Goldie sponsored by Sonny "Pop" Kenyon. This bike was restored by Carl "Poncho" Vincent.

70’s Trackmaster Triumph

  Trackmaster frame, tank and exhaust pipes, 650cc twin, Ken Maely seat and pillion pad,
 Mikuni carbs, ARD magneto, Ceriani forks and Barnes wheels.
This bike was raced by Dan Rouit from 1972 to 1978.
Dan was an expert in District 35 sportsman racing.

1951 Triumph T100

 1951 Triumph T100 500 twin.
Bike was built by George Omo and Son from
Allen McBee rode this Dinosaur Class racer to many AHRMA victorys in the late 1990's.
Last raced by Terry Salsman at vintage races in
33 number plate honors Ed Kretz Jr.

1950 Ariel VCH 500
Bike built by Pat Hicks and raced by his brother Samps Hicks at Carroll Speedway.
Was raced in Vintage races in the late 90's by 
Allen McBee and Mearl Barnett while it
was still owned by Pat Hicks.
Fast Eddie Castro also rode the bike in 1997.
 Now owned by Joseph Simone.

CCM Rotax

This bike was raced by 10 time, AMA district 35 #1 black plate, Rob Damron.
Rob was fatally injured on June 30th, 2001 at Perris Auto Speedway.