Dan Rouit Flat Track Museum gallery
Short Track 4 Stroke

Trackmaster BSA

B25 Trackmaster BSA B25 factory short tracker raced by Jim  Rice in 1971.
Restored and owned by Tom Henry.

1974 Trackmaster Triumph

  One of three built for the 1974 racing season, this one was ridden by Rob Morrison.
The other two were ridden by Mark Williams #70, and John Hateley #98.
The frame and seat are Trackmaster, tank was made by Ken Maely,
Barnes wheels and Ceriani forks complete the chassis.
The engine is a BSA 441 sleeved down to 350cc’s to comply with the 360 cc displacement  rule.
  The bike is badged Triumph as BSA was already out of business at this time.
The tuner of this mount was Chuck “Feets” Minert.

Early 70’s Sonicweld Factory 250 Triumph

  Ridged Sonicweld frame, Trackmaster style tank, Barnes wheels, and Pirelli tires.
Don Castro rode this bike at
San Jose indoor, The Cow Palace, Long Beach indoor,
and The Astrodome. Bike is now owned by
Rod Lake.

BSA 250 Short tracker

This motorcycle is dedicated to the memory of Tom Cates.
It is co-owned by Dan Rouit and Digger Helm.

1974 Honda XL250 Short Tracker

Champion frame and glass, Morris wheels, Mukuni flat slide and Betor forks.
This Bike was raced by the Diaz Family of Chowchilla.


1990 LC4 600cc KTM in a Knight Frame. Built by White Brothers as a DTX project bike and featured in
January 1991 Cycle World. Last raced by Mark Davis out of Bakersfield.

Champion Honda

Ken Thiebaud's Champion framed XL350 Honda.
Ken won the 2006 WCVDTS 600 modern vintage class championship on this bike.

Honda CL250

Nick Theroux won the 2001 Cow Palace vintage races on this Honda which is owned by Mike Vils.