Dan Rouit Flat Track Museum gallery

2002 Jawa Speedway

500cc air cooled, single over head cam, 13.5 to 1 compression ratio engine.
 This engine  produces about 65 hp at 8500 rpm on methanol.
Bike has no transmisson or brakes, only a clutch.
This bike was bought new especially for the museum and has never been started.

1980's Godden Speedway

1980's Godden Speedway.
Englishman Don Godden designed and built his own speedway bikes called Godden GR500.
This bike is a long stroke, either a MK2 or MK3. 
This bike was raced in Division 1 by Angela Hale in Southern California.

Grass Tracker
1979 Yamaha 250cc engine converted to right hand shift with a 36 mm Mukuni carb.
The frame, seat, gas tank, and shocks were all made in England.
This bike has a 23 inch front wheel and a 19 inch rear.
This bike is on display thanks to Malcom Roe.

1980’s Jawa 500

This bike has a four valve head Jawa engine.
This bikes inclusion in this collection was made possible
by Bill Cody, who is the North American Distributor for Jawa Speedway machines.

1970's Jawa 500

This model Jawa is often called the two valve and is the bike the many future
speedway stars  started their careers on. Bruce Penhall, Bill Cody, Rick Woods, Billy Grey
and the Bast brothers among them. This bike was last ridden by Fresno's own Donny Turner.

Mid 60's Parilla Speedway

250cc Italian engine in a chrome frame made by Red Rice.
Cliff Mahjor wanted to introduce speedway to the Portland, Oregon area so he had 7 bikes built.
Besides this single Parilla, three were made with BSA 250's and three with Cub engines with 250 cylinders.

1930's J.A.P.

This speedway bike has been donated to the museum
by the Miller Family in memory of Gene Miller.

1971 Hagon J.A.P.

This speedway bike was restored by Roger Heath.

Junior Speedway

Junior Speedway bike was last raced by Jamison Dilkey.
85cc Honda 2 stroke in a frame made in Sweden.

Antig framed GM

Early 1990's GM engine in an Antig frame