Dan Rouit Flat Track Museum gallery
Yamaha and Honda

Shell Yamaha

Early 1970's Shell Yamaha
Shell Thuet became the Yamaha factoy tuner for Kenny Roberts 1973 and 1974 championship years.
Roberts went on to form his own team while Hank Scott and Eddie Lawson raced for Shell.
 Although he never rode this bike, it is a tribute to Wayne Rainey.
It is restored to look like his Raineys 8E junior year ride.
This bike made possible by a very generous donation by Digger Helm.

Mid 60's Yamaha Twin Half miler

Modified Yamaha frame with a 250cc twin engine. After market seat and tank.
This Bike is a Johnny Issac 286r pro-novice Ascot racer.
Issacs was high point novice in 1965.

1970 Champion Yamaha 250 Twin
This Yamaha TD2 engine was originally built by Don Vesco and install in his streamliner
which went 189.529 mph at Bonneville in 1973. This is still the record for 250cc motorcycles.
Using that motor, Vesco built this bike. It has a Champion frame, seat and tank, Barnes wheels
and Ceraini forks. Murry Huffman rode his novice year of 1974 at
Ascot on this bike.
He made it to the main every time except his first night.
 This flat tracker was restored and is owned by Mark Seifried.

1973 Champion Yamaha 250 Twin

Champion frame, Barnes wheels, and Ceriani forks. Yamaha TD3’s have hard chrome
 cylinder liners and required rings every three races, pistons every 5 races and a crankshaft every 20 events.
 This bike is a copy of Dan Rouits pro novice bike #118y. The paint was done by Bob Kovac of

1972 Trackmaster Honda Half Miler

Trackmaster frame and tank. 350cc Honda twin, 34mm Mikuni carbs,
Ceriani forks, Barnes wheels and no brakes. The bike was named the
Oriental Triumph for in a quick look it looked like a Triumph.
Bike restored by Carl "Poncho" Vincent.

Sonic Weld Honda

Honda CB450 powered Sonic Weld raced by Jack Wilkerson at Ascot during the late 60's.
Restored by Cary Puccio for Rod Lake.

1985 Knight Honda

Honda XR 600 powerplant with a Terry Knight frame, gas tank and seat, wheels by A&A Racing.
Dave Bird built the exhaust and intake system. Cylinder head work by Edco.
This bike was raced by Doug Cohon and is a tribute to Ricky Graham.

1977 Champion Yamaha TT

This bike has a Champion frame, gas tank and seat, Marzocchi forks, Works shocks, Mikuni carb,
 and Dave Bird pipe. It was ridden by several local valley riders including Craig Howard,
Rodney Sullivan, Don Roberts, and Sean and Evan Plymale (84z). This bike was restored by John Plymale,
engine rebuilt by Gary Caldwell and pained by Kevin Stephenson.