Harley Street Trackers


Ken Henmans Nebraska Street Tracker                                                                                                                                 


Colvin Tracker

Mickey Alzola's Trackmaster H-D

Michael Bowen's Lawwill framed XR.

HD by Mule

Factory framed '77 XR street tracker built 18 years ago. Full expert 'Mert' motor.
                                                  P.S.  I'll NEVER sell THIS one. Michael Bowen  

Five Harleys from Autoworks, Santa Barbara, CA.  

Matt Minard's C&J  framed HD

Matt Minard's HD

I would like to introduce you to my friend Bill Hofmeister's brain child. The SHR Grand National Replica, mile racer for the street.  Bill, former national # 67, 68 & 87K, has quite a history with Grand National racing. What he has built is a replica miler with all of the good components taken from a real GNC racer.  He uses a Buell XB12 motor for durability and cost consideration.  It weighs 380 LBS and throws down 105 hp.  He is presently in production of 25 of these beasts.  I hope you can list this machine on your H-D street tracker page.          http://www.grandnationalreplica.com

May 17th, 2010 - Paul Anderson - Croixland Leather Works - Osceola, Wisconsin