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   Just when you thought one engine was good well two is better as my dad thought. Here are pictures of a race car my grandfather and dad built. My grandfather built the body and my dad built the frame and car. My grandfather learned his trade starting out working for Autounion (not a bad place to start). The car was planned to run with one motor in the 750cc class and with two run in the 1500cc class. It didn't work because it shook itself apart. I thought you would enjoy these pictures.
ark Seifried

A long forgotten use of 500cc motorcycle engines.
This 1959 Formula 3 race car was supposedly constructed by Jerry Whitfill, Dan Gurney’s machinist for 40+ years.
The car apparently sat in the rafters of the AAR warehouse after it was not completed in time to compete in the
cancelled F3 series. It is powered by a Triumph twin set to the front left of the driver.


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Photos from http://www.500race.org/Marques/Whitfill.htm

I was a member of the Formula Racing Association in the mid sixties in Los Angeles. I had the pleasure of hauling one of Harry Morrow's Cooper Formula 3 cars on our double deck trailer, to Willow Springs for a race. Harry was the owner of Autobooks in Burbank  and was the driving force of open wheel sports car racing in southern California. I was at a club meeting at the Mobil Oil building in downtown LA when the SCCA regional executive, Chick Vandergriff of Hollywood Sports Cars, told us the if we continued to hold races, we would be banned from SCCA events. I worked for a VW dealership and drove the company Formula Vee. Years later, while have an adult beverage at some hotel bar, I discovered that I probably had had raced against Digger at Willow or Ascot, yes ASCOT... I was at an advantage as I had done some ice racing in Wisconsin and sliding was my style. I don't have any paper work, but I remember third in the heat, forth in the main was worth about 75 bucks. Small world.  dennis vft    

The Whitfill Special was exported to Germany and raced at Goodwood.





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1955 Cooper MK 9 Formula 3 class

 Manufacturer: JAP 8/80 twin
 Type: MK 9
 Displacement: 1100cc
 Horsepower: 120
 Manfacturer: Norton
 Front Suspension: Independent transverse leaf springs
 Rear Suspension: independent transverse leaf springs
 Shocks: Armstrongs Rebuilt
 Brakes: Lockhead hydraulic
 Wheels: Cooper Cast Electron

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