59th Annual Meeting and Banquet

January  2003

Sequoia Club - Buena Park, CA 


Don Emde and guest of honor Bruce Brown


Keith Mashburn and 2003 Inductee Gene Romero


2003 Inductee  Lynn Wineland

  2003 Inductee Doug Bingham

2003 Inductee Jim Kelly and Don Emde

2003 Inductee Monte Darling


Dan Gurney and friends

Dick and Kay

2003 Inductee Dave Hansen, the wine man

What do you think Joe is asking Eddie for?

John Hateley and Don Emde

2003 Inductee Jack Hateley was Johns father

John Hateley and  Larry Wilburn

KR with Dick and Kay

KR and  Perry King

Tom Horton, KR, Sparky Edmondson and Gene Romero

Pat the Triumph man