March 29th, 2008

Carson Center - Carson, California

A social organization of Pioneer Motorcycling Enthusiasts meeting annually since 1940

Link to Tom Cates Memorial Bike Show

2008 Trailblazer Hall of Fame Inductees

Stu Peters, Russ Collins, Gary Bryson, Sparky Edmonston, C.H.Wheat, Steve Hurd, Kim Kimball,
and Gary Mahan for father Dennis Mahan
, Hammer award winner.

Carson City Mayor Jim Dear greets the the Trailblazers Banquet
while MCs Tom White and Keith Mashburn look on.

Stu Peters                                                                Steve Hurd

Russ Collins                                                                        C. H. Wheat

Kim "Viva Montesa" Kimdall

       Sparky Edmonston                                                               Lifetime Achivement - Gary Bryson

Hammer Award Winner - Dennis Mahan

Skip Van Leeuwen peeks over Chuck Mahan's shoulder as Chuck reads a letter from his father,
Hammer Award Winner, Dennis Mahan.
Dennis was sent by his employer, K&N Filters on a mission to Japan.
Marvin Mahan holds the Hammer trophy as his sister Debbie Morgan looks on.

This is a photo from the Trailblazers 2007 Banquet when Dennis was the decoy Hammer winner
to keep  board member
Skip Veeuwen from knowing  who the real 2007 winner was!

Trailblazer Hall of Famer Cindy Rutherford, explains her entrance to the Tom Cates Bike Show!

Guests from the state of Washington, Mr. amd Mrs. Bob Lamperer.

C. H. and Sparky                                                   Tom White and Tom Hensley

Pat the Triumph Service Manager                           Max Bubeck                    

Mike Konle, Sammy Tanner, Skip Van Leewen and Gene Romero

Link to Tom Cates Memorial Bike Show