Trailblazers 65th Annual Banquet
Held at the Carson Events Center, Carson, California
April 4th, 2009

Tom White and Keith Mashburn induct Allan D'Alo

 into the Trailblazers 2009 Hall of Fame.

2009 Hall of Fame - Al Rogers

2009 Hall of Fame - Darryl Bassani

2009 Hall of Fame - Ted Lapadakis

2009 Hall of Fame - Mitch Mayes

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Don Brown.

Don Emde presents award to Mrs. Don Brown
and son Scott.

Hammer Award Winner Malcolm Smith.

Charlene Hammer  accepts award from Skip Van Leeumen.

Malcolm was attending services for Bud Feldkamp's family in Northern California.

                                                                                         Dirt Diggers - Featured club

        Bob Emde - Bob Bailey                    Bryon Farnsworth - Tom Seymour            Cindy Rutherford - Jody Nicholas
Barbara Thompson

            Dan Gurney                                    Larry Huffman - Digger                                 Mike Konle - Don Emde

John Flanders-Bob Nichols-Jody Nicholas-Paul Flanders              Brian Coakley-Larry Wilburn-Tom Horton-Ron Miller

Mitch Mayes - Ron Nelson                            Debby and Sal Peluso                                    Mary and C.H. Wheat

Walt Fulton - Jack McCormack         Sal Peluso - Wayne Hosaka - Sammy Tanner             Mr. and Mrs. Dave Arnold  

      Eddie Mulder - Terry Dorsch                 Show Trophy Winner - Mike Vils           Show Trophy Winner - Yoshi Kosaka


Bike Show and Happy Hours


                              Candace and John Hateley - Andrea Phillips                                   Andrea and Keith - Don't know?