Trailblazers 69th Annual Banquet
Held at the Carson Events Center, Carson, California
April 6th, 2013

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Trailblazers Hall of Fame 2013 Inductees

 Larry Huffman


“Supermouth” Larry Huffman, the well-known race announcer who excited race crowds at the Costa Mesa Speedway, LA Coliseum and more.

Lori Conway


Lori Conway – 4 times AMA Women’s District 37 #1.

Jim Connolly

Jim Connolly pioneer California motocrosser who also lent his product expertise to the early motocross magazines.

Walt Mahony

Walt Mahony's son Dan accepts award for his father, the legendary photographer.

Buddy Stubbs

Buddy Stubbs, a former pro racer and movie stunt man who became a successful motorcycle dealer and collector in Arizona.

Stu Morley

Tom Morley accepts award for his father, Stu Morley, one of the famed BSA Wrecking Crew at Ascot

Tom White

Tom White, who was also a top ranked AMA GNC pro racer at Ascot and the National circuit, then partnered with his twin brother to create and operate a motorcycle aftermarket manufacturing and distributing company. Today he spends his time keeping his private motocross museum in order, and is active in related motocross and historic programs.

Larry Bergquist

Larry Bergquist, the “Desert Fox”. Larry's son Eric accepts award for his father, who had an incredible racing career in Baja and the California desert.

Hammer Award Winner

Ed Kretz Jr.

Finally, it was time for the presentation of our top award, the Dick Hammer Award. Ed Kretz Jr traveled from his home in Colorado to receive this year’s award. He was very appreciative of being selected, and also offered some of his light-hearted comedy that he is known for.

Trailblazer Hall of Fame Class of 2013



Dallas Baker and New President Don Emde           Lori Conway and Monty Darling          Cheryl Dorsch and Keith Mashburn


Susan and Judy                                                                Mr and Mrs Larry Hoffman                      


Mr and Mrs Tom White                                                                  Mr and Mrs Jimmy Lewis           


Bench racers                                                               Mrs Dick Hammer and Walt Fulton Sr.           


Bike show winners - Tony Dodge's Indian and Tom Horton with Larry Wilburn's Trackmaster Triumph.


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