Trailblazers 73th Annual Banquet
Held at the Carson Events Center, Carson, California
April 22th, 2017

Bike Show

            Dick Mann with 1971 Daytona winning BSA triple.                                              Tom White and Mark Brelsford with XR the Mark rode in 1972 GNC races.

Craig Vetter and Bill Vantichelt                                             Dallas Baker and Gary Bryson                                          Darryl Hurst, Sammy Tanner and Jody Nicholas

Kay and Dick Mann                                           Dennis Kanegae and Darryl Bassani                                       Dennis Mahan and Gary Jones

Dave Aldana, Jim Odom, Dan Haaby, Dennis Mahan & Sonny Nutter                              Keith Mashburn, Dave Aldana Tom Seymour & Gene Romero

Dave and Jim                                                           Art Carter and Bill Rychlik                                                                 Buddy Stubbs

Kel Carruthers and Kenny Clark                                                         Clutch Cargo                                                 Jimmy Owen and Digger Helm


 Don Emde signs an autograph                                                       Don and Sammy Tanner                                                   Mrs Nutter and  Eddie Mulder

Gary Dryson and Dick Mann                                        Gene Boere and Dave Ekins                                                Darryl Hurst,  Jerry Greer and Chris Cannon

Jerry Branch and Herb Wolf                                  Allan D'alo, Eddie Mulder and Malcolm Smith                                         Eddie and Sonny Nutter

Kenny Clark, Jim Doyle and Mark Brelsford                                        The Larry Huffmans                                                      Peter Starr and Everett Brashear

Darryl Hurst, Chuck Palmgren and Carl Donelson                                                             Gene Romero and Malcolm Smith                           

The Rob Morrison's                                                 Wayne Kerner and Bob Bailey                                                   Melody Rose and Wes Colley

Mark and Randy Zimmerman, and Dick Mann                       Dave Aldana  and Tom Horton                    Keith Mashburn, Dave Aldana, Tom Seymour & Gene Romero





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