The Trailblazers Club had the opportunity to return to Corriganville Regional Park to display vintage bikes
and inform guests of the Rhythm and Brews Festival of the historical significance of  the festival location.
The Festival is sponsored by the Simi Sunset Rotary Club and is an annual event.

Corriganville Movie Ranch in Simi Valley, California was the site of AMA District 37 Grand Prixs starting in 1962.
It is also considered to be the birthplace of motocross in America.  In the fall of 1966 (AMA history), at the end of the Grand Prix season,
Edison Dye brought to America world champion Torsten Hallman to ride in exhibition races up and down the west coast.
John Hateley  described to me the incredible event he witnessed of Hallman walking around in the famous mud hole under the Big Oak tree.
Hallman had on buckle boots, which the Americans had never seen before, and he surveyed the water-mud hole from one end to the other.

Keith Mashburn, who is a long time Simi Valley resident and raced here, has hopes of promoting
 some kind of  vintage racers reunion on these hallowed grounds.

Byron Farnsworth brought Huskies, CZ's and posters from the Early Years of Motocross Museum.

John Hateley brought three Triumphs, one of which is a 500cc Cheney he rode at this track

Received this note via email from Don Kemp - dennis

A side note to Corriganville...the AMA revoked the Dirtdiggers charter for joining the FIM [the international sanctioning body]
..that was necessary for the Europeans to participate in the 'Diggers race. After legal action the AMA changed their mind and reinstated the club.
Don Kemp

Skip Van Leeuwen, Keith Mashburn, Byron Farnsworth, John Hateley and Tom Horton.

John Hateley on his Cheney Truimph in the famous Corriganville-Hopetown water hole under the Big Oak tree!

This was the pits under the Oak trees.

Keith doing more PR.

This guest remembered.