Eddie Mulder's West Coast Vintage Dirt Track Series

Del Mar Fair

June 28th, 2005

Article & Photos

by Jamey Blunt


1. 63y Ken Thiebaud
2. 23d Clyde Dennen
3. 88y Bob Graves
4. 58c Brad Holt
5. 95 Tom Ferguson
6. 20 Howard Lynggard


1. 58c Jim McMurren
2. 49x Mickey Alzola
3. 15 Mark Stuckert
4. 31z Tom Howard
5. 50 Mel Stoner
6. 52c Dave Cheney
7. 501 Bob Gerberich
8. 00 Allan Girdler
9. 80x Bob Harris
10. 35l Chuck Walton
11. 64v Roy Burris


1. 4z Craig Johnson
2. 19 Frank Aragaki
3. 3 Mark Biscardi
4. 6j Joe Steffen
5. 67 Chuck Monosmith
6. 11w Clay Chambers
7. 82e Travis Petton
8. 42 Bill Kolkman
9. 112 Dave Ehrhart
10. 48y Mike Vital
11. 65 Randy Snodgrass



1. 144 Scott Podergois
2. 47m Michael Crump
3. 1 Jeff Fish
4. 68x Lloyd McGregor
5. 45 John McArthur III
6. 25d Steve Craft
7. 57g Jerry Gates
8. 91w John Larson
9. 39x Randy Arlington
10. 90 Dave Koppang
11. 21t Reggie Amos
12. 14t Ted Hubbard



1. 28z Bruce Reynolds
2. 50s Brad Holt
3. 11 Jim McMurren


1. 51z David Brown
2. 87y Chris Rudy
3. 75z Joe Pape
4. 14 James Kohls
5. 55d David Miller


1. 20x Tom Ferguson


1. 3 Kylee Smith
2. 27 Joe Roberts


1. 1 Larry Smith
2. 4r Andre Ochs
3. 199 Trevor Burningham
4. 81 Weston Whitmore


1. 33e Michael Avila
2. 7d Jesse Sleeper
3. 27 Ross Stuckert
4. 4r Andre Ochs


1. 5 Chris Geilfuss
2. 20 Howard Lynggard
3. 00 John Girdler


1. 17g Shaun Larkin
2. 23d Clyde Dennen
3. 54 Elliott Iverson
4. 57 Keith Speir
5. 501 Bob Gerberich
6. 5 Chris Geilfuss


1. 92 Jim Ottele

250 OPEN

250 OPEN
1. 33e Michael Avila
2. 1nw Chad Cose
3. 49 Andy Wood
4. 63 Devin Booher
5. 45 Kayl Kolkman
6. 141 Casey Currie
7. 87 Lindsey King
8. 67 Brandi Monosmith
9. 28s Steve Ferguson
10. 68x Michael Wilson
11. 5 Austin Helwig



1. 6j Joe Steffen
2. 19r Brad Rudy
3. 68x Ken Barrow
4. 47m Michael Crump
5. 91w John Larson
6. 86x Art Guilfoil
7. 29 Dan Shaw
8. 57g Jerry Gates
9. 7 Ron Sleeper
10. 66z Gordon Rudy
11. 13p Allan Malm
12. 90 Dave Koppang


1. 102 Woody Carlson
2. 96l Mike Besemer
3. 112 Dave Ehrhart
4. 42 Bill Kolkman
5. 3 Mark Biscardi
6. 45 Kayl Kolkman
7. 63 Devin Booher
8. 45 Austin Helwig ?
9. 67 Brandi Monosmith
10. 19r Brad Rudy
11. 88 Dillon Allen


1. 49 Andy Wood
2. 9z Kevin Knudsen
3. 151 Mike Dillard
4. 13 Larry Clover
5. 24p Frankie Garcia
6. 39y Randy Arlington
7. 65 Randy Snodgrass
8. 81 Joshua Sleeper
9. 14t Ted Hubbard


1. 66E Jimmy Wood
2. 43w Sam Halbert
3. 20 Johnny Murphree
4. 69 Jethro Halbert
5. 29 Jim Rosa
6. 40 Danny Casey
7. 88 Donnie Howard
8. 51z Shawn Raggio
9. 70 John Hlebo
10. 50 Jeff Eklund
11. 68 Paul Herman
12. 34 David Brown
13. 4 Joe Hernandez
14. 24p Stevie Bonsey


Trophy photos by Dennis Voll

Eddie Mulder's West Coast Vintage Dirt Track Series

Round #4 Del Mar, Calif. 6-28-2005

Article & Photos

by Jamey Blunt


No Del Mar! What with the AMA and Clear Channel both opting out of the legendary Del Mar Fairgrounds something had to be done. Who would step up to the plate but Eddie Mulder, yes Mulder was going to try to put together a Del Mar race. But after negotiations with the fair board, the only night available was a Tuesday. Would the riders support a Tuesday night Race? Mulder was willing to take that chance, so as to have at least one more Del Mar race. So it was on this Tuesday night the 28th of June in conjunction with the San Diego County fair that 169 participants made their way to the horse arena short track for round #4 of Eddie's series.


Norton mounted Clyde Dennen led the "A&A Racing"/"ARD Ignitions" Senior field into turn one followed by Ken Thiebaud, Bob Graves, Tom Ferguson and Brad Holt. Out of turn four for the first time Thiebaud took over from Dennen at the front. A lap and a half in would also see Holt go past Ferguson for forth. Howard Lynggard hit the dirt between turns three and four with only his pride injured. At the front Thiebaud the class of the field put in a 13.04/100 second lap on his Honda 410 single. With one lap remaining second through forth was a battle, Graves was hounding Dennen, and Holt was all over Graves. Thiebaud was safe at the front and cruised on to the victory, Dennen would hold on for second but Graves was beside him, with Holt a mere few feet back of Graves.


Twenty five riders battled through three heat races for one of twelve spots in the "Barnett"/"K&N" Vet "A" main event. Like being shot from a circus cannon Craig Johnson shot past initial leader Mike Vidal on the first trip down the back straight. At the start of lap two, Vital went down but kept the machine running and rejoined the race quickly. Frank Aragaki now ran in the second spot, Mark Biscardi was in third, and Joe Steffen working from a poor start was up to fourth. These positions would hold till the end, with Johnson posting his best lap at 13:29/100 seconds.


The "Berkeley Honda/Yamaha" Super Senior main is where Mickey Alzola is undefeated this year. Alzola who just won the Pikes Peak race two days prior raced to Ca. just for this event. Off the line it was Tom Howard getting the jump followed by Alzola, and Jim McMurren. At the stripe on the first go round Alzola took over the lead, Howard followed, with Mel Stoner getting by McMurren for third. Two laps in and McMurren was on the move as he went by Stoner, then exiting turn four slipped under Howard for second. As the white flag came out Alzola led McMurren by mere feet, and was applying tremendous pressure. Out of turn four for the final time McMurren got a drive and beat Alzola to the stripe by inches. Howard and Stoner got into it as well in turn three allowing Mark Stuckert to slip past for third.


Agoura Hill's David Brown improves with every ride back. Now returned to his old form he shot to the front in the "C&J Racing Frames"/"Brown's Cycles" Classic 500-750sv main. Back for the first time since injury, Chris Rudy ran second on his 1957 HD, while James Kohls held down third. Exiting turn two for the second time Joe Pape took third away from Kohls while Brown pulled away at the front. On lap three Brown turned his fastest lap at 13:20/100 seconds as he went on to the victory. Rudy regaining strength came home second with Pape being pressured held third over Kohls.


Two riders hit the dirt entering turn one in the "Tuff Plates"/"Works Performance" 250 Open main, with Austin Helwing and Lindsey King both making the re-start. (After getting King's leg out of Helwing's bike) Helwing led on the restart followed by Michael Avila and Kayl Kolkman. On the second trip through turn one Avila took the lead away, and two turns later Helwing would go down in turn four. Coming through the field Chad Cose had found a new home in the second spot, with Andy Wood moving up to take third on the last lap.


Joe Steffen and Brad Rudy hit turn one side by side in the "Shoei Helmets"/"Maxima Oils" 500 Support main. Steffen edged out Rudy entering turn three for the lead with Ken Barrow running a solid third looking good on this smaller bike for him. Michael Crump ran in fourth with Dan Shaw in fifth. Two and a half laps in saw John Larson take the fifth spot away as he was on the move. At the front Steffen was in another zip code as he posted lap times a half second faster than the rest of the field at 13:02/100 seconds. As the white flag fell Rudy was under attack from Barrow as they banged bars and fought all the way to the stripe with Rudy getting the nod over Barrow. Crump would hold off a charging Larson for fourth.




Forty one pros, many coming from out of state showed up for the Digger Helm/Calif. Cup pro class, with Digger, Eddie and Motion Pro responsible for flying in Johnny Murphree and Shaun Russell. Out of the 41 present only 14 would transfer to the main event via six heat races and two semis. Heat race winners included Don Howard, Sam Halbert, Jimmy Wood, Jim Rosa, Jethro Halbert, and national #20 Johnny Murphree all earning a front row start. Transferring from the semis were David Brown and Joe Hernandez Jr. This Pro event was really three events in one as it paid Digger Helm money, was part of the Calif. Cup series, and also awarded points for the Maxxis Tires Pro point fund at the end of the series.  As the field roared into turn one for this twenty lap feature Washington's San Halbert led the way followed by Jimmy Wood, Johnny Murphree, Don Howard and Jethro Halbert. On the second trip down the back straight Jethro displaced Howard for fourth. WCR's Racing's Jim Rosa ran sixth with KLH's Stevie Bonsey in seventh. Four laps in saw Bonsey get past Howard for sixth while Wood was putting the pressure on Halbert at the front. By lap six Bonsey found a way past the TT-500 of Rosa, and Wood was showing Halbert a wheel in every corner. Howard continued to have problems and slip backwards as Danny Casey took over seventh. On lap eight Wood got a drive out of turn four and took over at the front entering turn one. At the half way point the order was Wood, Sam Halbert, Murphree, Jethro Halbert, Bonsey, Rosa, and Casey. Then on lap eleven Bonsey went wide entering turn three and lost it, hitting the dirt. This moved Rosa into fifth and Casey to sixth. Once clear Wood began to check out and turned the fastest lap of the race at 12:84/100 seconds. While Murphree in third, was now under attack from Jethro Halbert, as Wood began to make his way through lappers. Lap eighteen had Hernandez go down without injury. The run to the stripe had Wood victorious, Sam Halbert alone in second, Murphree holding on to third, Jethro Halbert fourth, and Rosa impressive in fifth. Afterwards Wood addressed the crowd "the race track was awesome, after the sun went down the moisture came back, these guys did such a good job in prepping it. My thanks to Eddie for doing this." Sam Halbert had this to say "I struggled all day till the main came around and then everything started working right, but I just couldn't hang with Jimmy. I feel I did everything I could but I just couldn't quite run with Jimmy."

Article & Photos

by Jamey Blunt