Series Round #4 Del Mar, Calif.

June 23rd, 2006

Wayne Hosaka  with long time vintage racers, Tom Horton, Jeff Johnson and Brad Holt

The San Diego bunch!


1. 55 Tom Horton
2. 88y Bob Graves
3. 29y Bill Matherson
4. 76z Don Frauenberger
5. 15 Mark Stuckert
6. 95 Tom Ferguson


1. 9 Don Howard
2. 54z Donnie Harrell
3. 48y Mike Vital
4. 6 Joe Steffen
5. 19 Frank Aragaki
6. 4z Craig Johnson
7. 20 Steve Hill
8. 36 Marshall Lapp
9. 96l Mike Besemer
10. 24c Craig Estrada
11. 77x Jason Craven
12. 4s Jeff Fish


1. 82E Travis Petton
2. 91w John Larson
3. 67 Scott Podergois
4. 3 Clay Chambers
5. 571 Mike O’Neil
6. 42 Bill Kolkman
7. 47m Michael Crump
8. 74s Mark Biscardi
9. 12 Mike Yogers
10. 54 Dave Reinhard
11. 70v Richard Arnold
12. 45f Tom Sahli
13. 42 Craig Johnson
14. 19r Brad Rudy


1. 54y Anthony Mitchell
2. 68x Lloyd McGregor
3. 110 Daniel Kane
4. 27 John Perez
5. 66z Gordon Rudy
6. 17g John McArthur
7. 46 Damon Redman
8. 96a Jack Alexander
9. 146 Bill Wright
10. 24 Johnny Werthmann
11. 40 Rob Weisberg


1. 11 Jim McMurren
2. 49x Mickey Alzola
3. 16 Ed Steffen
4. 52c Dave Cheney
5. 27 Ron Alexander
6. 31z Tom Howard
7. 86d Allan Girdler
8. 35e Chuck Walton


1. 28z Bruce Reynolds
2. 55 Tom Horton
3. 50s Brad Holt
4. 11 Jim McMurren

CLASSIC 500 - Dino

1. 87y Chris Rudy
2. 50s Brad Holt
3. 14 James Kohls
4. 52c Dave Cheney

1. 3 Mike O’Neil
2. 22y Marsh Runyon
3. 53 Brent Johnson


1. 18 Kevin Alcorn
2. 23 Tyler Villalobos
3. 88t Tyler Shelter
4. 80 AJ Alves
5. 1 James Phares
6. 45 Tyler Kolkman



1. 18 Kevin Alcorn
2. 4r Andre Ochs
3. 100 Sheldon Creed


1. 7 Dusty Phares
2. 4r Andre Ochs
3. 33g Geoffery Shelter
4. 424 Hunter Carlson
5. 420 Harly Legowski



1. 28z Bruce Reynolds
2. 55 Tom Horton
3. 50s Brad Holt
4. 77 Shannon Adams
5. 7y Richard Arnold
6. 74 Robby Brockman


1. 17g Shaun Larkin
2. 76z Don Frauenberger
3. 15 Mark Stuckert
4. 13p Allan Malm
5. 52c Dave Cheney


1. 37 Jeff Johnson
2. 58y Jim Ottele
3. 55 Tom Horton
4. 57 Keith Speir

250 OPEN


250 OPEN
1. 45 Paul Herman
2. 87 Lindsey King
3. 1sw Michael Avila
4. 45 Kayl Kolkman
5. 4s Jeff Fish
6. 64w Lauren Wallace
7. 4 Matt Stoutenburg
8. 63 Devin Booher
9. 386v Danielle Diaz
10. 66z Gordon Rudy
11. 533 Dan Geery
12. 58 Brandon Bates
13. 4r Andre Ochs
14. 10 Ross Stuckert
15. 68x Michael Wilson
16. 40 Rob Weisberg


1. 54y Wayne Karcich
2. 571 Mike O’Neil
3. 86x Art Guilfoil
4. 84j Jeff Gonzales
5. 34 Scott Graham
6. 91w John Larson
7. 29 Dan Shaw
8. 47m Michael Crump
9. 41 Doug Cohon
10. 13p Allan Malm


1. 15 Garrett Stout
2. 45 Kayl Kolkman
3. 7d Jesse Sleeper
4. 42 Bill Kolkman
5. 64w Lauren Wallace
6. 2 Joe Meyer
7. 102 Woody Carlson
8. 16 Steve Kukla
9. 46 Damon Redman
10. 17d Danny Manthis


1. 4 Matt Stoutenberg
2. 7 Dusty Phares
3. 79 Joey Alves
4. 74 Robby Bruckman
5. 17g John McArthur
6. 10 Ross Stuckert
7. 82e Travis Petton
8. 146 Bill Wright
9. 11c Cody Wood
10. 17d Nia Pinnow
11. 811 Masahiro Koshiha
12. 40 Rob Weisberg


1. 51y Stevie Bonsey
2. 66e Jimmy Wood
3. 67e Alex Wood
4. 74z Rodney Spencer
5. 15 Garrett Stout
6. 9 Don Howard
7. 30z Mikey Rush
8. 7d Jesse Sleeper
9. 54z Donnie Harrell
10. 6 Joe Steffen
11. 17 Justin Filice
12. 65e Kenny Malaguarnero


Series Round #4 Del Mar, Calif.

June 23rd 2006

Article by Jamey Blunt

Less than a quarter of a mile from the thundering surf, just inside San Diego county, lies Bing Crosby's place; the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Originally built as a horse racing facility, it has long been the home to the San Diego county fair. The main attraction or show if you will on this Friday night were the two hundred entrants who made up the twenty five heat races and nineteen main events of Eddie Mulder's West Coast Vintage Dirt Track Series round four.


Bob Graves read starter Fred Allen's mind and jumped into the lead in the "Maxxis Tires"/"Barnett" Senior main event. Tom Horton was away in second and quickly took the lead down the back straight leaving Graves stunned. Behind Graves Bill Matherson ran third with Don Frauenberger fourth, Mark Stuckert fifth, and Tom Ferguson sixth. Into turn two on the second lap Steve Craft was down, he would be uninjured, but not continue on. At the front Horton was long gone, but a battle was shaping up as Matherson had closed in on Graves, all the while Frauenberger was nipping at Matherson. One mistake out of Graves could be disastrous, but Graves is a veteran and held his position till the end making the finishing order Horton, Graves, Matherson, and Frauenberger.


The "Motion Pro/Browns Cycles" Vet class was the largest field with forty five entries, with only the top twelve advancing to the "A" main. Mike Vital and Craig Johnson came together entering turn one off the line with Johnson getting the worst of it, and dropping to ninth. This allowing Don Howard to emerge in the lead out of turn two with Vital, Frank Aragaki, Steve Hill, and Donnie Harrell giving chase. By lap three Harrell put a wheel under Hill and moved him out to take over fourth with Joe Steffen following him past Hill as well. Howard at the front was inching away from Vital as we came to lap six where Harrell switched to a high line, and passed Aragaki in turn two for third. On the last lap exiting turn four Harrell had caught Vital and got the drive to beat him to the stripe for second. This making the finishing order Howard, Harrell, Vital, Steffen, and Aragaki, who made a last lap mistake dropping him to fifth.


Jim McMurren was the class of field in the "ARD Ignitions"/"Bartels H.D." Super Senior/Senior Novice main. McMurren, former national number eleven took the lead from the pole position and never looked back. Behind him Mel Stoner ran second, with Mickey Alzola third and Ed Steffen fourth. Exiting turn four Steffen went around the outside of Alzola to take third away while Dave Cheney moved up to fifth. With two laps completed McMurren and his Triumph turned a 14.77 second lap, while Stoner suffered a mechanical between turns three and four ending his race. Entering turn three for the fourth time Alzola put a slick move on Steffen to regain the second position. Steffen would glue himself to Alzola's back side but could not advance making the finishing order McMurren, Alzola, Steffen, Cheney, Ron Alexander, Tom Howard, and Allan Girdler.   


The "Berkeley Honda/Yamaha"/"Maxima Oils" Classic 250 and the "Works Performance"/"K&N Filters" Modern 250 were the only two big bike classes to have a double winner. Not an easy thing to accomplish at the Del Mar short track. In the Classic 250 Tom Horton led into turn one only to have Bultaco mounted Bruce Reynolds take it away exiting turn two. Brad Holt also Bultaco mounted gave chase in third with Jim McMurren on an H.D. Sprint in fourth. Horton pushing Reynolds at the front caused these two to distance themselves from Holt and McMurren, and making Reynolds turn the fastest lap of the race at 14.29 seconds. Reynolds flawless at the front never gave Horton an opportunity to pass keeping the order the same till the end. In the Modern 250 Reynolds trailed Horton until the final lap exiting turn four where a lapper came into play. Reynolds chose wisely, while Horton chose poorly, giving Reynolds his second victory of the night.


The "JRC Engineering"/"Shelly Ward Ent." Dinosaur and "Saddlemen"/"Coventry Spares Ltd." Classic 500-750sv combined main saw Marsh Runyon Jump the start on his 1947 H.D. 1200cc mount. Runyon was allowed his starting spot back, and this time Chris Rudy aboard a 1957 H.D. rigid took point. Brad Holt on an H.D. Sprint ran second with Mike O'Neil aboard the 1949 250cc Indian Arrow third. Runyon was away in fourth with Dave Cheney fifth and James Kohls sixth. By the end of lap two Rudy had a two and a half second gap over Holt, turning 14.58 second lap times no one could match. Entering turn one on lap four Kohls put a wheel under Cheney to take over fifth, then exiting turn four on the same lap went by Runyon for fourth. They would hold these positions till the end.


In the "Kawasaki of Simi Valley"/"Flat Track Ill." Youth 85cc main event Andre Ochs led the pact to turn one. Geoffery Shelter was away in second with Dusty Phares third. Between turns three and four Shelter made a mistake and Phares was quickly into second and going after Ochs. With two laps complete Ochs still led, but Phares smelled blood and was closing in for the kill. Shelter had dropped off the pace back in third followed by Hunter Carlson and Harly Legowski. Then entering turn three on lap three Phares made an inside move on Ochs to take the lead away. Once out front Phares took flight with him and Ochs both lapping Legowski by races end.


Jeff "the Jester" Johnson made his return to the "San Diego off Road"/"Megacycle Cams" Modern 750 class a memorable one. Reversing the starting order and starting from the outside of the front row, Johnson launched into the lead. Keith Speir on the E.M. Triumph was away in second with B.S.A. mounted Jim Ottele third and the Triumph of Tom Horton fourth. Johnson showing he hasn't lost a thing immediately started opening up a gap at the front leaving the rest to fight over second. Speir meanwhile has found some new speed and was keeping both Ottele and Horton at bay. But on lap three Ottele put a hard pass on Speir which stood him up and caused he and Horton to come together, allowing Horton past as well. Horton would apply pressure to Ottele for the next three laps even making a run at him to the checkered flag. But the only way Horton could have beat Ottele to the stripe was to put him in the wall, which he choose not to do. This would make the finishing order Johnson, Ottele, Horton, and Speir.


Lindsey King was leading the points in the "C&J Racing Frames"/"Rod Lake Racing" 250 Open class coming to Del Mar. She wanted to leave here the same way. From a field of sixteen King had her work cut out for her, the class made up mostly of young guns had the entire pack jump the start. How can you put all sixteen back to the penalty line? You can't so a full re-start was given. On the start King and Michael Avila came together in turn one pushing each other wide leaving a hole for Paul Herman to go through to the front. Avila recovered in second with King third, Kayl Kolkman fourth, and Jeff Fish fifth. By lap three King had got by Avila for second and Lauren Wallace making her return to racing was up to sixth. While Paul Herman (who also rides the pro class) put in a 14.18 second lap that none of the other riders could match, was gone at the front. On the final go round Kolkman was under attack from Fish but would hold his fourth place spot. Herman cruised to victory followed by King, who maintained her points lead, Avila was third, Fish fifth, and Wallace sixth.


The "Mr.Ed's" 500 Support class is made up entirely of Yamaha TT-500's, a testament to this popular motorcycle. Off the start Jerry Gates did an over the handlebars flip spilling gas in turn one. This brought out the red flag for a full re-start minus Gates. Joe Steffen jumped out front this time followed by Wayne Karcich, Michael O'Neil, Ron Moore, Jeff Gonzales, and Art Guilfoil. On the second trip through turn two Steffen's Mr. Ed's machine expired and his hand shot skyward, this handing the lead to Karcich. On lap four entering turn one Moore lost the front and went down and looked to be somewhat shaken. He was later deemed to be o.k. On the move through the pack was the biggest gainer, Guilfoil who would climb up to finish third behind O'Neil and Karcich who was indeed up to the task at the front.


The second largest class was the "Tuffplates" Open Amateur. Thirty riders fought for one of the twelve spots in the "A" main. Garrett Stout left little doubt as to who was tops in this class as he not only took victory in the "A" main. But put in the fastest lap of 14.13 seconds to claim the victory over Kayl Kolkman, Jesse Sleeper, Bill Kolkman, and Lauren Wallace. Stout would also return to the track in the Pro race and finish a respectful fifth.        

 It took four heat races and two semis to narrow the field down to fourteen from twenty nine hopefuls for the Digger Helm Pro 600 main event. Kawasaki mounted Ales Wood nailed the start and led into turn one followed by Garrett Stout, Mikey Rush, Stevie Bonsey, David Brown, and Joe Steffen. Defending Del Mar champion Jimmy Wood starting from the third row was away in twelfth, but by two and a half laps in was up to fifth. Bonsey made short work of Rush and Stout and by lap three was in second and going after Alex Wood. Exiting turn two starting the fourth lap Jimmy Wood made a move on Rush to take third away, making the order at the front Alex Wood, Bonsey, Jimmy Wood , Rush, Stout and moving forward Rod Spencer Jr. At the half way point Alex Wood led with his best lap time of 13.52 seconds with Bonsey closing on him turning his best lap of 13.22 seconds, then entering turn one on lap twelve Bonsey who had set Alex Wood up stuck a wheel under him and took over at the front. A lap and a half later Jimmy Wood who couldn't let Bonsey get away made the pass on Cousin Alex in turn four to take second. Bonsey at the front had a six bike length cushion over Jimmy Wood when on lap sixteen Frank Aragki crashed hard in the middle of the back straight. A lap later David Brown who had no where to go collided with Aragki's bike bringing out the red flag. Sense the race was past three quarters complete, and a 9:00 p.m. curfew was in effect it was called a race leaving the final tally Bonsey, Jimmy Wood, Alex Wood, Rodney Spencer Jr., Garrett Stout and Don Howard. Bonsey had this to say, "I started chasing Alex and I didn't think I could catch him at first so I started trying different lines. It worked and I got by him, then I felt someone come up under me and it was Jimmy, then there were red flags. I don't know about the call, but that's racing. I'd like to thank A&A Racing, Motion Pro, My Dad, Wayne, Tucker Rocky, and Eddie Mulder." An hour and a half later Stevie was aboard a flight to Ohio for another race.    

Motar racers thoughts on Del Mar