Series Round #6 Willow Springs Raceway
Rosamond, Calif.

October 14, 2006

Old racers: Marty Lewis, Larry Wilburn, Greg Wilburn, Brian Coakley,
and one with wavoos, Jeff Lesley.

And he rode away!

Vintage Dash-4-Cash

Vintage Dash-4-Cash

1.     37 Jeff Johnson

2.     63y Ken Thiebaud

3.     55 Tom Horton

4.     58y Jim Ottele

5.     6   Joe Steffen

6.     35 Jeff S. Johnson




1.     12e Jeff Lessley

2.     15 Mark Stuckert

3.     25d Steve Craft

4.     58y Randy Douglas

5.     96a Jack Alexander

6.     17q Herb Wolff

7.     55e Mark Davis

8.     27w Bob Waller

9.     290m Rick Harrington

10. 38g James Kohls


Vet “A” Main

Vet “A” Main

1.     48y Mike Vital

2.     6  Joe Steffen

3.     42 Craig Johnson

4.     8z Gary Evans

5.     42x Anthony Mitchell

6.     571 Mike O’Neil

7.     42 Bill Kolkman

8.     58 Robert Bacosa

9.     20z Ray Hensley

10. 110 Daniel Kane


Vet “B” Main

Vet “B” Main

1.     45f Tom Sahli

2.     68x Lloyd McGregor

3.     54 Dave Reinhard

4.     39y Randy Arrington

5.     37s Geoff Ball




Sr Novice/Super Senior


Sr Novice/Super Senior

1.     49x Mickey Alzola

2.     501 Bob Gerberich

3.     68 Ken Barrow

4.     8 Dave Alexander

5.     50 Mel Stoner

6.     27 Ron Alexander

7.     209 Cliff Nagatani

8.     16 Ed Steffen

9.     52c Dave Cheney

10. 03 Tom Doutt

11. 86d Allan Girdler

12. 80x Bob Harris


Classic 250

Classic 250

1.     55 Tom Horton

2.     28d Ron Lessley


Classic 500

Classic 500

1.     87y Chris Rudy

2.     97wAlan Shaw

3.     62e Matt Campbell




1.     53 Brent Johnson

2.     37 Mike O’Neil


Youth 50

Youth 50

1.     80 AJ Alves

2.     88t Tyler Shelter

3.     25 Kody Kessler

4.     45 Tyler Kolkman

5.     2  Brandi Powell


Youth 60

Youth 60

1.     4r Andre Ochs

2.     65 Robert Lessley

3.     46 Josh Malaguarnero


Youth 80

Youth 80

1.     4r Andre Ochs

2.     309w Bronson Bauman

3.     313f Evan Diaz

4.     33g Geoffery Shelter


Modern 250

Modern 250

1.     32y Mike Gonzales

2.     12e Jeff Lessley

3.     12e Jim Steet

4.     20 Marc Lyons

5.     12 Dave Ehrhart


Modern 500


Modern 500

1.     17g Shaun Larkin

2.     55 Tom Horton

3.     15 Mark Stuckert

4.     57 Keith Speir

5.     209 Cliff Nagatani

6.     44n Gary Swan

7.     52c Dave Cheney


Modern 750

Modern 750

1.     37 Jeff Johnson

2.     58y Jim Ottele

3.     19 Dave Johnson

4.     57 Keith Speir

5.     171m Dave Maxwell

6.     48d Joe DiSalvo

7.     290m Rick Harrington

8.     556 Steve Mihovil


250 Open

250 Open

1.     18h Tony Davila

2.     33e Mikey Avila

3.     45 Kayl Kolkman

4.     63 Devin Booher

5.     2 Patrick McNamara

6.     310w Briar Bauman

7.     55 PJ Osmer

8.     87 Lindsey King

9.     386v Danielle Diaz

10. 170 Nia Pinnow

11. 4r Andre Ochs

12. 10 Ross Stuckert

13. 58 Brandon Bates

14. 62 Mark McCain



500 Support “A” Main

500 Support “A” Main

1.     6 Joe Steffen

2.     37r Ron Moore

3.     571 Mike O’Neil

4.     84j Jeff Gonzales

5.     52r James Kessler

6.     96d Jay Gosvenor

7.     35 Jeff S Johnson

8.     12e Jim Steet


500 Support “B” Main

500 Support “B” Main

1.     19z Joe Brown

2.     54x AJ Neelings

3.     37s Geoff Ball

4.     80 Larry Earhart

5.     44s Robert Bush

6.     55i Dan Iha

7.     70x Greg Sais

8.     221x David Sais


Open Amateur “A” Main

Open Amateur “A” Main

1.     6 Kris Bunch

2.     15 Garrett Stout

3.     18h Tony Davila

4.     45 Kayl Kolkman

5.     8z Gary Evans

6.     35w Brady Mueller

7.     12 Dave Ehrhart

8.     342w Jesse Sleeper

9.     33e Mikey Avila

10. 42 Craig Johnson

11. 33 Wes Powell

12. 42 Garrett Gordon

13. 79 Joey Alves

14. 62 Mark McCain



Open Amateur “B” Main



Open Amateur “B” Main

1.     49m Dustin Pruczinski

2.     2 Patrick McNamara

3.     42 Bill Kolkman

4.     23 Joe Meyer

5.     68x Lloyd McGregor

6.     20z Ray Hensley

7.     170 Nia Pinnow

8.     10 Ross Stuckert

9.     11c Cody Wood

10. 68z Robert Bacosa, Jr

11. 17d Danny Manthis

12. 14t Ted Hubbard


Digger Pro 600

<>Digger Pro 600

1.     51z Stevie Bonsey

2.     17y Brandan Bergen

3.     30z Mikey Rush

4.     51z Shawn Raggio

5.     34 David Brown

6.     6 Kris Bunch

7.     4 Nick Moore

8.     15 Garrett Stout

9.     19e Daniel Brown

10. 49m Dustin Pruczinski

11. 35w Brady Mueller

12. 45 Kayl Kolkman

13. 38y Chris Canepa

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Eddies crew.

Eddie Mulder's W.C.V.D.T. Series

Round 6  Willow Springs

Walt James Stadium

Rosamond, Calif.

Oct. 14, 2006

Article by Jamey Blunt


What greeted the three hundred sixty three participants that came through the front gate of Walt James Stadium for round six and seven of Eddie Mulder's series on Saturday morning was rain, and more rain. The riders that compiled the forty eight heat races and thirty eight main events also found a 3/8 mile oval with standing water on it. With very little exception, no thought any races would run on Saturday, oh ye of little faith. Mulder cut a deal with someone of influence, as he predicted that by noon there would be a race able track. After truck loads of DG, and Walt James himself on the grader, sure enough by noon the first group set out for practice. Did I mention the sun was now out?


Something different kicked off the main events, as seven riders rolled to the line for the "Vintage Dash for Cash". A thousand dollars was up for grabs and coming out of retirement again was Jeff "The Jester" Johnson who hit turn one along side Joe Steffen. Upon the exit of turn two Ken Thiebaud shot around the outside to take over at second, but Johnson was gone at the front. By the end of the first lap the finishing order was in place with Johnson at the front, Thiebaud second, Tom Horton third and Jim Ottele fourth.

Jeff Lessley put his 250cc Bultaco up front from the first wave of the flag in the MAXXIS Tires/Bartels Senior main event. Herb Wolff ran second with Mark Stuckert making the trip from Arizona in third, and Steve Craft on a Harley 883 up to fourth. Tom Horton who was away in fifth made an outside move on lap two in turn three to advance to the third place position. Upon the exit of turn four Horton moved past Wolff for the second spot. At the front Lessley had a three second margin over Horton, although Horton posted the fastest lap of the race at 22.93 seconds and was closing fast. Before the start of lap four Horton was out with a mechanical problem, Craft and Randy Douglas had both found a way around Wolff who was fading fast. With a lap and a half remaining Stuckert dug deep and got by Craft for second, Douglas was still in fourth, and Jack Alexander made a last lap charge to pass Wolff for fifth. Lessley of course finished with a lead that allowed him to sit back and take all this action in.

The Berkeley Honda/Yamaha Vet "A" main is a hot bed of fierce competition, Mike Vital always seems to be at the front of the pack, and this weekend was no exception. Vital launched into the first turn in the lead with Craig Johnson, Bill Kolkman, Gary Evans, and Mike O'Neil all looking at his back side. Going deep in turn two on the second lap was Kolkman causing him to lose two positions. Joe Steffen from a seventh place start had worked his way forward to fourth and wasn't finished. On lap three Evans became a victim of Steffen's march to the front, while Anthony Mitchell was methodically working his way forward as well. At the white flag (one lap remaining) Johnson now had Steffen to contend with and Vital only had a three bike length lead, that was shrinking. Steffen put in the fastest lap of the race at 23.68 seconds which was good enough to take second away from Johnson, but not good enough to get to Vital in the time left. Evans finished fourth, with Mitchell solid in fifth and O'Neil sixth.

The Ron Wood Racing/Mr. Ed's Super Senior/Senior Novice main event had fourteen riders over the age of sixty five bolt for turn one with the wave of starter Fred Allen's flag. Dave Alexander led the way followed by Mickey Alzola, Bob Gerberich, Cliff Nagatani, and Mel Stoner. By the exit of turn two Alzola had displaced Alexander and was pulling away. Buried deep in the pack was Ken Barrow, mounting a march forward from his seventh place position. By the completion of two laps Alzola had a full straightaway lead posting a 25.60 second lap. Lap three saw Gerberich take over at second, while Barrow was now up to fifth. On the next lap through turn three Stoner went way wide dropping to fifth with Barrow moving up to third. These making the finishing order Alzola, Gerberich, Barrow, Alexander, and Stoner.

The Kawasaki of Simi Valley Modern 250 class has some really sweet machinery in the field. Whether it's the only 250cc Champion framed Hodaka in the world of Jeff Lessley or the Yamaha's of Mike Gonzales or Marc Lyons, they are just fun to look at. Off the line Lessley and Gonzales hit turn one side by side, with Lessley taking point on the exit of turn two. Jim Steet ran third with Lyons in fourth, and Dave Ehrhart in fifth. Gonzales was pressuring Lessley hard and forced a mistake from Lessley in turn two allowing Gonzales past for the lead. With a clear track Gonzales put in consistent 23.90 second laps as he pulled away. The order of the front five would stay the same till the finish.

It was good to see the field increasing in the ARD Ignitions/Johnson Cams Modern 750cc class. Jeff Johnson having lost none of his ability from time out of the saddle nailed the start. Tom Horton ran second, with Jim Ottele third, Dave Johnson fourth, and Dave Maxwell fifth. Johnson getting away turning 23.17 second laps that no one could match left the field to fight over second place. On lap three between turns three and four Ottele pushed past Horton for second, just as this happened Horton's hand shot skyward indicating a problem. This making the running order, Johnson, Ottele, Dave Johnson, Maxwell, and Keith Speir. On the run to the finish Speir stole fourth from Maxwell as "The Jester" won with a four second gap over Ottele and Dave Johnson.

Mikey Rush, Garrett Stout, and Stevie Bonsey were all heat race winners for a direct transfer to the Digger Helm Pro 600 main event. Bonsey sat on pole by virtue of the fastest heat race time. Fourteen riders thundered into turn one for this twenty lap final with Bonsey leading the way. Brandan Bergen ran second with Shawn Raggio, Garrett Stout, Kris Bunch, and David Brown giving chase. By lap three Bonsey had a twelve bike length gap, and Brown had moved up to fifth putting in one of his best rides ever. Back in seventh place was Rush with Chris Canepa eighth, and Nicky Moore (making a return to dirt track) ninth. Between turns one and two on lap four Stout went wide leaving the barn door open which Brown went through, dropping Stout to fifth. By lap five Brown was attacking Raggio for fourth, while Rush had found his rhythm and starting to move forward. By the half way point Bonsey had turned his fastest lap of 21.15 seconds, and third through sixth were altogether on the race track. On lap eleven Rush took fourth away from Brown, and Bunch was back to sixth, with Moore pressuring Stout for seventh. On this same lap entering turn three Rush shot past Raggio for third and set his sights on Bergen. At the front Bonsey had a twelve second lead in another zip code. On lap fifteen Moore got past Stout for seventh, and now Stout had to contend with Daniel Brown knocking at his back door. On the stroll to the finish Bonsey would lap up to seventh place. The final tally was Bonsey, Bergen, Rush, Raggio, Brown, Bunch, and Moore. Stevie had this to say, "It was good I got the hole shot, I didn't know who was back there, I looked back a couple of times to see and saw it was Brandan so I kept pushing. The A&A bike worked great, everything was just perfect." With this victory Bonsey also sewed up the $5,000 MAXXIS Tires point fund making it a big payday.