INDY MILE   June 6, 1999

Plans fell through for the transporting of the west coast flat trackers to the Indy mile on the weekend before they needed to leave.  Tom Horton asked me if I could drive his rig for the two thousand mile trip. I jumped at the opportunity as I hadn't been on a good road trip since my son last raced motocross in 1993. I also had never been to a mile or the Speedway Museum, and you know I like museums. In fact, I was there when the doors opened at 9 AM on Saturday, and returned in the afternoon when the racers got to town. After dinner at Fridays downtown, we returned to the 16th Street Speedway for the midget races. Sunday was very hot and humid and the weather was hard on the Californians. Only broke piece for the day was Gary's Dino Triumph which spit the primary chain. Tom's Dino Triumph was no match for George Wills long legged Harley. John's wicked sounding RDs went very well and Art bested the sort of old guys. Toms disappointment of getting bumped off the grove on the last turns after leading the whole 750 race, was compounded by top end noises at the finish line. But that's racing and we all enjoyed the day. See you at Sacramento.

Art, Tom, John and Gary with hardware.

Art Fredenburgh, Tom Horton, and Mr. and Mrs. Shell Truett
with Art's OW Yamaha

............................West coast imports....................................Double class winner John Lundgren and tuner Mark

Africa HOT!

The start of another flat tracker!

Wills bunch.

Tom Horton and Mark Gibson

Speedway Museum

Museum has a few bikes.

Johnny Parsons, 1950 Winner, was a valley boy.

Inside turn one at the Speedway

We even caught a midget race at the old ballpark on Saturday night.

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