AHRMA Regional Tourist Trophy
October 24, 1999 Tulare

Super Senior +60

1.  15 Duane Spence (Tri)
2.  61y Wayne Sumner (BSA)
3. 39l Jim Chism (BSA)
4. 62x Ken Hatch (Bul)
5. 50n Hank Casio ((BSA)
6. 63r Chuck Herron (BSA)

Classic 500/750

1. 28 Robert Cunningham (Hon)
2. 27h Jeff Apple (H-D)
3. 44n Gary Swan (Tri)
4. 97w Alan Shaw (Tri)
5. 87m Chris Rudy (H-D)

Classic Open

1. 58q Stu Cardott (Tri)
2. 95a Chris Apple (Tri)

Classic 250
1. 28d Ron Lessley (Bul)
2. 303 Jerry Lessley (Bul

Sportsman 600

1. 7m Brad Spencer (Hon)
2. 15u Dennis Spence (Hon)
3. 58u Steve Lucente (Mai)
4. 26 Jim Holly (Hon)
5 21z Cory Schmuck (Hon)

Sportsman 125

1. 90u Darren Pritchett (Hon)
2. 50z Curt Lang (Bul)
3. 28d Ron Lessley (Hon)
4. 303 Jerry Lessley (Hod)
5. 79r Scott Shoup (Hon)

1. 53t Mark Milton (Ind)

Seventies Singles

1. 68e Paul Herman (Yam)
2. 86m Joe Carrera (Yam)
3. 45h Ron Hinton (Yam)
4. 32r Roger Bowerman (Yam)
5. 13 Craig Haas (Hon)
6. 17z Bryan Bergen (Hon)
7. 32y Mike Gonzales (Yam)
8. 7m Brad Spencer (Yam)

Novice Sportsman 250

1. 19s Michael Lessley (Hon)
2. 98r Bob Stuscavage (Yam)
3. 45cBob Cellini (Bul)
4. 86q Dan Casamajor (Bul)
5. 21r Tim Moore (R-E)

Sportsman 250

1. 33y Ken Netto (C-A)
2. 12e Jeff Lessley (Bul)
3. 28 Robert Cunningham (Hon)
4. 88 Nick Nazzisi (Yam)

Novice Sportsman 600

1. 26w David Maas (Hon)
2. 2v Larry Beaty (Bul)
3. 52s Jack Dennis (Bul)
4. 44n Gary Swan (Tri)
5. 52c Dave Cheney (Yam)
6. 97w Alan Shaw (Tri)

Novice Sportsman 750

1. 27z  David Nicholson (Tri)
2. 85s Gerald Spencer (Tri)

Sportsman 750

1. 49 Rod Spencer (Tri
2. 83c John Proto (Yam)
3. 20r Mike Van Lienden (BSA)
4. 28 Robert Hansen (Tri)
5 55 Tom Horton (Yam)
6. 13 Craig Haas (Yam).

Senior +50

1. 20r Mike Van Lienden (BSA)
2. 80y Joe Brown (Tri)
3. 0d Marty Lewis (Tri)
4. 27t Steve Lacy (Hon)

Veteran +35

1. 33y Ken Netto (C-A)
2. 28 Robert Hansen (Hon)
3. 19l Clark Sumner (Tri)
4. 9 Bill Blythe (Tri)
5. 12e Jeff Lessley (Bul)
6. 54 Steve Monger (Hon)
7. 74r Gary White (Hon)

Unlimited Support

1. 22y Don Howard (H-D)
2. 9 Scott Podergois (Hon)
3. 86m Joe Carrera (Yam)
4. 83c Matt Proto (W-R)
5. 45h Ron Hinton (Yam)
6. 32m Tedd Mello (Kaw)
7. 22 Chris Stafford (Yam)
8. 11 Mike Kibby (Hon)
9. 7m Bradley Spencer (Hon)
10. 21r Jeff Apple (Yam)

1. 9 Scott Podergois (Hon)
2. 34 Jim Traves (Yam)
3.28z Tony Harrell (Hon)
4. 19y Kenny Wedingfeld (Yam)

50 Lapper


1. 22y Don Howard (H-D) Marsh Runyon's Golith
2. 20r Mike Van Lienden (BSA)
3. 88 Nick Nazzisi (Yam)
4. 12e Jeff Lessley (Bul)
5. 86m Joe Carrera (Yam)
6. 27hJeff Apple (Yam)
7. 20q Steve Brown (Yam)
8. 86q Dan Casamajor (Bul)

Jim Holly telling Tom Horton how to get 11 inches at both ends!

    The last points race of AHRMA's western regional flat track series was a TT held at Tulare Cycle Park. The first race of the day was for the Plus 35 Vets, and race promoter Steve Monger jump to a sizeable lead on his XL Honda. Can-Am rider Ken Netto inherited the top spot when Monger broke on the last lap. Robert Hansen and Clark Sumner finished second and third on their Triumph's. Mike Van Lienden and  his BSA  were the fastest Senior rider combination. Joe Brown of Brown's Cycles in Paso Robles, and Marty Lewis captured the next spots on Triumphs. Rod Spencer showed the 750 Sportsman field the quick way around a steeplechase  track as his Triumph was flat flying. John Proto and Mike Van Lienden argued about second, with Proto winning.
    Robert Cunningham's running four stroke Honda twin was first into the infield in the Sportsman 250 main. Ken Netto tied numerous passes, but not until he just flat held it on longer down the front straight on the third lap did he pass the Honda. Jeff Lessley nipped Cunningham on the right hander before the jump, and the finishing order was set; Netto, Lessley, and Cunningham. The big singles battle continued between Paul Herman, Joe Carrera, and Brad Spencer in the Seventies Singles contest. Herman led Carrera and Ron Hinton to the first turn. Spencer passed Hinton on the second lap and pressured Carrera for the next three. On the white flag lap, Spencer got by Carrera coming into the infield, and dove inside Herman before the jump. Spencer's lead was very short lived as his Yamaha  died in the next corner.  The finish was like the start; Herman, Carrera, and Hinton.
     The three experimental Sportsman Novice class races were won by Michael Lessley in 250, David Maas in 600, and David Nicholson in 750. Darren Pritchett swept the Sportsman 125 class. The Sportsman 600 race was the race of the day, as the Honda XL's of Dennis Spence and Brad Spencer exchanged the top spot many times. Spencer grabbed the lead for the final time out of four on the fifth lap, as Spence looked spent.  Duane Spence's Triumph was followed to the checker by a tenacious Wayne Sumner, on a BSA, in the Super Senior affair. The Large Support class was dominated by Don Howard on Marsh Runyon's  H-D Goliath. Scott Podergois' modern Honda finished second after a race long dual with Yamaha mounted Joe Carrera.
     The annual end of the year 50 lapper started 14 riders. Again the thundering Harley of Don Howard smoked into the lead. By mid race, third row starter Rod Spencer overhauled Howard. Spencer was unsure if his Triumph held enough gas for this race distance, so a stop was planned. His stop was permanent as the transmission let go, handing the win to Howard. Steady Mike Lienden finished second on a BSA.