AHRMA Regional Flat Track
Lodi Cycle Bowl
August 6th, 2000          Lodi, CA

Dino: 1. Lafaye McCarver (13t Ind); 2. Mark Milton (53t Ind).

Classic Open: 1. Tom Horton (55 Tri); 2. Chris Apple (2x Tri); 3. Stu Cardott (58u Tri).

Classic 500/750: 1.  Jeff Apple (27h Tri): 2. Larry Madrigal (7t BSA).
Classic 250: 1. Tom Horton (55 Suz).

Seventies Singles: 1. John Lundgren (45 Hon); 2. Mike Gonzoles (32y Yam); 3. Tom Horton (55 Yam);
4. Cory Schmuck (21z Hon); 5. Albert Lunwigsen (2w Yam); 6. John Frank (119e Yam).

Sportsman 250: 1. Tom Horton (55 Suz): 2. Brad Holt (50s Bul).
Novice 250: 1. Mike Riddell (26z Yam); 2. John Frank (Yam 119e) 3. Clifford Nagatani (209 Bul).

Sportsman 600: 1. Dennis Spence (15 Hon); 2. Rick Hocking (13 Bul);  3. Tom
Horton (55 Bul); 4. Brad Holt (50s Bul); 5. John Lundgren (45 Hon); 6. Doug Nation (91u Yam).

Sportsman 750: 1. Greg Wilburn (32a Tri); 2. Dennis Spence (15 Tri); 3. Tom Horton (55 Tri).

Novice 750: 1. David Maxwell (171m Tri); 2. David Nicholson (27z Tri). 3.Alan Shaw (97w); 4. (48).
Novice 600: 1. Mike Riddell (26z Yam).

 Vet +35: 1. Rick Hocking (13 Bul); 2. Greg Wilburn (32a Tri).

Senior +50: 1. Steve Lacey (27t Hon); 2. Warren Adams (58u Tri); 3. Alan Shaw (97w);
4. Richard Braquet (53 BSA).

Super Senior +60: 1. Duane Spence (15 Tri); 2. Mickey Alzola (49 BSA); 3. Hank Cosio (50n BSA);
4. Larry Madrigal (7t BSA); 5. (53).

Modern Support: 1. Mark Biscardi (74s Yam); 2. Stewart Barber Jr. (388e Hon). 3. (8).

This is a photo of Dennis Spence beating Brad Lackey at the AHRMA Nation MX at Tulare last fall.
Dennis won both motos in the plus 40 expert class on a 4 stroke Honda, which he has since sold.
Do you think he should try road racing?

Lodi, CA August 6th, 2000
   The sixth round of AHRMA's western regional flat track series was held at The Lodi Cycle Bowl, a fixture of California of dirt track heritage since the early 1950s. August can be mighty warm in California and probably accounts for the lower then normal turnout, but mother nature fooled us with a beautiful day. A combined Dino and Classic Open race started the days racing. Tom Horton lead Chris Apple and Stu Cardott from the flag to flag in the Classic class, all rode 650 Triumphs. Lafaye McCarver made his third trip this year to California from Tacoma to race his V-twin Indians. McCarver held on for the Dino win over Western region points leader, Mark Milton, who rides a vertical twin Indian. Tom Horton aced another start on his Shell TT Yamaha in the Seventies Single class as John Lundgren moved into second over Mike Gonzales. Horton lost the brakes on lap five and Lundgren and Gonzales dropped him to third. Gonzales applied heavy pressure all around the oval, but Lundgren was first to the stripe.
     Jeff Apple’s Triumph 500 pulled Tom Horton’s 250 Suzuki twin to the first turn in the combined Classic 250 and 500/750 main. Apple held the lead till the fifth lap, when the screaming two stroke dove under Apple to grab the lead. Apples more powerful mount was able to ride outside of Horton in one and three, but the veteran would not relinquish the inside line. Larry Madrigal and Lafaye McCarver finished 2nd and 3rd in the 500/750 class. The Modern Open race was won by Mark Biscardi on a 426 Yamaha, but Stewart Barber Jr. pressured the whole way on a CR Honda. Tom Horton and Brad Holt had a ding-dong battle in the Sportsman 250 event. Again Horton holeshotted the start with Hold right there. Hold’s Bultaco appeared to have higher cornering speed, but Horton has finally gotten the X-6 Suzuki dialed in and could pull a lead on the straights. Horton again stayed on the inside line and had his third win of the day. The Novice 250’s ran with the Sportsman and Mike Riddell bested the field on his way to a sure advancement to the faster class.
     Super Senior Duane Spence won over Mickey Alzola and Hank Cosio in the plus 60 event. Steve Lacey dominated the Senior main after a low side get off in his plus 50 heat race. Warren Adams and Allen Shaw finished 2nd and 3rd in that Senior race.  A&A’s Rick Hocking on a 360 Bultaco, defeated Greg Wilburn’s Triumph in the Vet class. Hocking’s Bultaco wasn’t quite the match for Dennis Spence and his SL Honda based motorcycle in the Sportsman 600 main event. Hocking followed from the green flag and rubbed the Hondas tire the full ten laps, but was never able to get a wheel ahead. The two racers have rode against each other many times since their novice days in the early seventies in District 36. Spence said that beating Brad Lackey two motos at the Tulare AHRMA National MX last fall was more fun. Tom Horton and Brad Holt, both on 360 Buls, were third and forth off the line and finished the 600 race in that order.
     David Maxwell mastered the Novice 750 field, while David Nickolson  and Alan Shaw followed in the next two positions. Novice 600 rider Mike Riddell, was the lone entry in that class and ran second in the combined race. Greg Wilburn conquered Dennis Spence in the Sportsman 750 main. Tom Horton had a rare DNF as his clutch failed in the all Triumph field of big bores.

AHRMA Western Region Flat Track Points