Springfield Museum - Springfield, Massachusetts

The Springfield Museum features transportion companys from the Springfield area


1904 Knox Touraine                 1901 Crestmobile                       1899 Knox    


1901 Crestmobile 


1904 Knox Touraine                                                  1899 Knox                  

1910 Atlas Model H

This 1910 Atlas is the largest Atlas built. It has many unique features of the period including the use of nickel plating on its lamps and accessories, as well as its powerful two-cycle engine which is coupled to a three-speed, sliding gear transmission.


1928 Rolls-Royce Phantom 1


Founded by Charles Duryea and his brother Frank, the company built the Duryea Motor Wagon, a one-cylinder "Ladies Phaeton", first demonstrated on September 21, 1893, in Springfield, Massachusetts, on Taylor Street in Metro Center. It is considered the first successful gas-engine vehicle built in the U.S.


1903 Stevens Duryea Model L Stanhope

The Gee Bee R-1 is a full sized replica of the famous plane built by the Grandville Brothers of Springfield

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