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The Esta Manthos Indian Motocycle Collection

Founded by George M. Hendee and Carl Oscar Hedstrom, Indian Manufacturing Company produced motorcycles in Springfield from 1901 to 1953. The museum’s collection features more than two dozen motorcycles donated by Esta Manthos, co-founder and president of the former Indian Motocycle Museum which was located on Hendee Street in Springfield from 1974 to 2006. The collection also includes artifacts, memorabilia and photographs highlighting production of Indian’s “everyman” and military motorcycles from the early years at the famous “Wigwam” through the final days of the downtown Springfield factory in 1953.

1959 Enfield Indian 3 Wheeler                                 1949 Indian Arrow                            1949 Indian Scout  


1940 Indian Jr Scout   Louise Scherbyn's Bike                                    1934 Indian Sport Scout            


              1932 Indian Scout Pony                                                                 1942 Indian 841 Military                  


1942 Indian Four Police Model                                                             1937 Indian Four                       


1929 Henderson Four                                                                    1927 Flat Track Racer


1926 H-D "Peashooter"  Racer                                                         1909 H-D Model 5 - REPLICA           

1928 Indian Scout 101


1926 Indian Hill Climber                                                      1916 Indian Power Plus


1925 Indian Prince                                                       1920 Cleveland Model 23M


1916 Pope Twin                                                                 1910 Yale Twin


1902 Rambler                                                                   1912 Indian Single

1917 Indian Light Twin


1951 Indian Warrior                                                 Indian Police Model

1941 Eliason Motor Toboggan

The Esta Manthos Indian Motocycle Collection

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