Saturday Oct 22nd, 2005
Round 7


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Johnny Murphree in his heat race.



1. 55 Tom Horton
2. 31m Jim Monegan
3. 84e Ruben Malaguarnero
4. 88y Bob Graves
5. 49g Chuck Ruiz
6. 290m Rich Harrington
7. 96a Jack Alexander

Vet “A” Main

Vet “A” Main
1. 48y Mike Vital
2. 6j Joe Steffen
3. 36 Marshall Lapp
4. 42 Bill Kolkman
5. 45e John Lundgren
6. 571 Mike O’Neil
7. 58 Robert Bacosa
8. 20h Jon Eichelbaugh
9. 42 Craig Johnson
10. 112 Dave Ehrhart

Vet “B” Main

Vet “B” Main
1. 24c Craig Estrada
2. 50 Jeff Eklund
3. 68x Lloyd McGregor
4. 25d Steve Craft
5. 52c Clyde Adams
6. 19 Robert Hansen
7. 7 Ron Sleeper
8. 96a Jack Alexander
9. 45 Drummond Evans
10. 6 Mark Stuckert

Vet “C” Main
1. 206 Randy Kremlacek
2. 53h Rob Lanoy
3. 28s Steve Ferguson
4. 45 John McArthur
5. 39y Randy Arrington
6. 33 Johnny Costarella
7. 44v Al Webber

Senior Nov/Super Sr

Senior Nov/Super Sr

1. 49x Mickey Alzola
2. 68 Ken Barrow
3. 11 Jim McMurren
4. 52c Dave Cheney
5. 64v Roy Burris
6. 311t Rich Dominguez
7. 15 Mark Stuckert
8. 80x Bob Harris

Classic 250

Classic 250
1. 11 Julian Arthur
2. 661a Ivan Thelin

Classic 500

Classic 500
1. 12e Jeff Lessley
2. 55 Tom Horton
3. 87y Chris Rudy
4. 1 George Wills
5. 51z David Brown
6. 28d Ron Lessley
7. 75z Joe Pape
8. 97w Alan Shaw
9. 4r Lenny Rodriguez
10. 661a Ivan Thelin


1. 37x Andy Dodge
2. 3 Mike O’Neil

Youth 50

Youth 50
1. 33 Pascal Roberts
2. 5 Cory Malony
3. 88 Tyler Shelter
4. 9 Tyler Villalobos
5. 17 Austin Ladner
6. 5 Kody Kesler
7. 44 Tyler Kolkman

Youth 60

Youth 60
1. 4r Andre Ochs
2. 1 Larry Smith III
3. 33g Geoff Shelter
4. 27 Joe Roberts

Youth 80

Youth 80
1. 4r Andre Ochs
2. 82 Ross Stuckert
3. 420 Harly Legowski
4. 27 Joe Roberts
5. 46 Joshua Malaguarnero

Modern 250

Modern 250
1. 32y Mike Gonzales
2. 55 Tom Horton
3. 12e Jim Steet
4. 42 Craig Johnson
5. 180 Malcolm Roe
6. 28s Steve Ferguson
7. 114 Jim Hoogerhyde

Modern 500

Modern 500
1. 31m Jim Monegan
2. 98 Rod Lake
3. 17g Shaun Larkin
4. 55 Tom Horton
5. 49x Mickey Alzola
6. 45e John Lundgren
7. 19r Brad Rudy
8. 52c Dave Cheney
9. 28s Steve Ferguson
10. 199 Craig Sprecher

Modern 750

Modern 750
1. 85w Joe Hoogerhyde
2. 58y Jim Ottele
3. 57g Jerry Gates
4. 24 Robert Hansen
5. 57x Frank Hardman
6. 65 Kenny Malaguarnero
7. 84e Ruben Malaguarnero
8. 15 Dan Rowland
9. 48 Joe DiSalvo

250 Open

250 Open
1. 71 James Rispoli
2. 1nw Chad Cose
3. 45 Kayl Kolkman
4. 33e Michael Avila
5. 49 Andy Wood
6. 386 Danielle Diaz
7. 25e Kyle Anselmi
8. 87 Lindsay King
9. 64w Lauren Wallace
10. 20a Michael Martin
11. 11c Cody Wood
12. 82 Ross Stuckert
13. 56 Bill DeFina

500 Support “A” Main

500 Support “A” Main
1. 6j Joe Steffen
2. 68 Paul Herman
3. 57x Frank Hardman
4. 571 Mike O’Neil
5. 86x Art Guilfoil
6. 34 Ron Hinton
7. 32y Mike Gonzales
8. ?
9. 19r Brad Rudy
10. ?
11. 45 Drummond Evans
12. 33 Johnny Costarella

500 Support “B” Main

I must have went to the can during this race. Here is Jim's bike. Its for sale!

500 Support “B” Main
1. 12e Jim Steet
2. 81 Don Danner
3. 15g Dan Rowland
4. 206 Randy Kremlacek
5. 68 Ken Barrow
6. 227 Pierre Vaillancourt
7. 55i Dan Iha
8. 44s Robert Bush
9. 13p Allan Malm
10. 41 Ray Lopez
11. 199 Craig Sprecher

Open Amateur “A” Main

Open Amateur “A” Main
1. 17y Brandan Bergen
2. 23 Joe Hernandez, Jr
3. 9z Kevin Knudsen
4. 1nw Scott Baker
5. 88 Dillon Allen
6. 7d Jesse Sleeper
7. 45 John McArthur
8. 192h Tony Davila
9. 20h Jon Eichelbaugh
10. 68 Lloyd McGregor
11. 49 Andy Wood
12. 67e Alex Wood
13. 112 Dave Ehrhart
14. 96l Mike Besemer

Open Amateur “B” Main

Open Amateur “B” Main
1. 71 James Rispoli
2. 42 Bill Kolkman
3. 36 Marshall Lapp
4. 52c Clyde Adams
5. 53h Rob Lanoy
6. 64w Lauren Wallace
7. 20z Ray Hensley
8. 29 Dan Shaw
9. 11c Cody Wood
10. 45f Tom Sahli
11. 20a Michael Martin

Open Amateur “C” Main

Open Amateur “C” Main
1. 74 Michah White
2. 883 Eric Pinson
3. 45 John McArthur
4. 39y Randy Arrington
5. 5 Rick Anders
6. 44v Al Webber
7. 8 Chris Anders
8. 64v Roy Burris
9. 12 Jim Duffner

Digger Pro 600

Digger Pro 600
1. 20 Johnny Murphree
2. 21 Jared Mees
3. 89 Kevin Varnes
4. 69 Jethro Halbert
5. 59 Willie McCoy
6. 31y Mike Rush
7. 42 Bryan Smith
8. 1n Stevie Bonsey
9. 26x Steve Murrray
10. 67 Alex Wood
11. 34 Daniel Brown
12. 16x Nicole Cheza
13. 66e Jimmy Wood

Photos by VFT

Eddie Mulder's West Coast Vintage Dirt Track Series

Round 7 

Willow Springs (Walt James Stadium) Rosmond, Calif.

Article  by Jamey Blunt

Mulder brings the Stars out Of Mees and Men


Eddie Mulder made the stars come out in the daytime at Walt James Stadium inside the Willow Springs racing complex. By sweetening the pot at the end of his season rainbow Mulder had twelve national numbers in attendance. So, who was the big winner? Well, that depends on your judging criteria. Would you give the nod to the biggest money winner? Maybe Sunday's main event, but don't forget Saturday's main, as all the same players were there too. Perhaps the Maxxis Tires $4,000 Pro Point Fund winner and lest not forget the California Cup champion would be crowned this weekend taking the $5,000 first prize of the $12,000 point fund, a lot at stake to say the least. Would the standing track record of 20.80/100 seconds around this 3/8 mile banked oval set by Jimmy Wood in 2004 hold up? The conditions were right, track great, weather nice at 76 degrees, with no wind, and many big guns in the house.




What makes an Eddie Mulder race an EVENT, as opposed to just another race are the people he brings to the table. These in the form of sponsors (more than anyone else promoting dirt track) and the crew behind the scenes. Without sponsors, A&A Racing, ARD Ignitions, Barnett, Bartels, Berkeley Yamaha/ Honda, Brown's Cycles, C&J Racing Frames, Coventry Spares, Digger Helm, Flat Track Ill., Johnson Cams, JRC Eng., K&N Filters, Kawasaki of Simi Valley, Maxima, Maxxis Tires, Megacycle Cams, Motion Pro, Red Hot Racing Frames, Rod Lake Racing, Saddlemen, San Diego Off Road, Shelly Ward Ent., Shoei Helmets, Tuff Plates, Works Performance, and Beth, Bob, Bob, David, Fred, Janice, Jessyca, Jodi, Laura, Penny, Phil, Rick, Roger, and Walt  this series would never take place!


Twenty Eight heat races would decide the starting positions for 253 entries staged through out twenty three main events, an impressive turnout in any form of motor-sport racing to say the least. Triumph mounted Tom Horton led Bob Graves and Washington's Jim Monegan in the "Barnett"/"Johnson Cams" Senior Main. Exiting turn two Monegan displaced Graves for second and unleashed his little Honda on Horton. Monegan would close to four bike lengths, only to have Horton pick up the pace to take the win by nine bike lengths. Monegan was secure in second and third was decided out of turn four on the final lap where Ruben Malaguarnero used his H.D. horse power to edge out Graves for third.


Only twelve spots were available in the "A&A Racing"/"Maxxis" Vet "A" main. This from a field of thirty two riders, had heat race winners John Lundgren, Mike Vital, and Joe Steffen staged next to each other. Off the line Vital led followed by Steffen, Marshall Lapp, Art Guilfoil, and Lundgren. Entering turn two for the second time Lundgren moved past Guilfoil for fourth and Bill Kolkman followed suit as well, dropping Guilfoil another spot. Two laps from the end Vital turned his fastest lap of 21.68/100 seconds, one that no could match, giving him a wide margin of victory over Steffen, Lapp, and Kolkman who got past Lundgren on the final lap for fourth.


The question has been asked, can anyone stop Mickey Alzola in the Super Senior class? Well, Ken Barrow out of San Diego CA has stepped it up and is giving Mickey some stiff competition. For the "K&N Filters" main Roy Burris hit turn one first followed by former national #11 Jim McMurren, Alzola, and Barrow. Exiting turn four Alzola made a spectacular move from third to first aboard his C&J framed Triumph. By lap two Barrow settled down, moved to a lower line on the track and was up to third, while Burris under attack slid backwards from pressure from Dave Cheney who took over fourth. On lap three Barrow was all over McMurren and would move into second while Alzola out front put in a 23.41/100 second lap. The checkered flag saw the order Alzola (checked out) Barrow, McMurren, Cheney, and Burris.


The "Motion Pro"/"Works Performance" Classic 500-750sv class has some of the most intense racing on the track, with five of the fifteen riders all in the 23 second lap time range. Chris Rudy wheeled off the start which cost him big time, as he hit turn one in sixth. Bultaco mounted Jeff Lessley led with George Wills on the Dodge Brothers Ind. second and Tom Horton third. Down the back straight for the second time Horton took over second, Rudy was up to forth, and Davie Brown ran fifth. Rudy on a mission, went past Wills entering turn one on lap three for third, then past Horton exiting turn two for second on the same lap. With a lap and a half to go Rudy bobbled between three and four allowing Horton back in second. On the run to the finish Rudy set Horton up, but it was too late, Lessley won, Horton was second, Rudy third, Wills fourth, and Brown fifth.


Andre Ochs and Larry Smith the third provided some of the best racing of the day in the "Tuff Plates"/"Shoei Helmets" Youth mains. Both riders aboard 65cc machines competed in the 65cc & 85cc classes. Ochs has mastered the art of starting as he usually leads the field into turn one. Och's lap time of 25.20/100 seconds would hold as the fastest lap for anyone on a 65cc machine, Ochs would come right back and top Smith again in the 85cc class giving him two victories for the day. But don't think it was easy, it wasn't, and Smith was right there and had the crowd in attendance on their feet!


Jim Ottele led the "ARD Ignitions"/"Bartels H.D." Modern 750 pack into turn one on his Doug Douglas sponsored Yamaha. Jerry Gates ran second only to have heat race winner Joe Hoogerhyde go from fifth to second in a single move. Then exiting turn four for the second time Hoogerhyde got a drive and shot past Ottele for the lead. Once up front Hoogerhyde put his head down and checked out, turning his fastest lap of 22. 42/100 seconds leaving the field in his wake. Ottele in second was now being pressured by Gates and Robert Hansen who now had joined the war. At the finish Hoogerhyde in another zip code won over Ottele who stayed mistake free for second and Gates who held off the advances of Hansen.


Hot Shoe Michael Avila has made the transition from the mini's to the "Berkeley Yamaha/Honda" 250cc class with ease. However an unknown quantity in the form of James "The Rocket" Rispoli from New York made the trip west one to remember. Shift Racing's Chad Cose led the field followed by Kayl Kolkman, Rispoli, and Avila. Rispoli made a quick move to get past Kolkman for second on the first lap and set his sights on Cose. Exiting turn four for the third time Rispoli got the drive and took the lead from a stunned Cose. Rispoli then turned a 22.21/100 second lap in route to his victory with Cose second Kolkman third and heat race winner Avila fourth.


Thirty riders made up the "Browns Cycles" 500 Support class, fifteen of which were staged for the "A" main event. Heat race winners Tommy Carriger and Mr. Ed's Joe Steffen hit turn one side by side, with Steffen taking the lead exiting turn two. Our other heat race winner Paul "Tye Dye" Herman was away in fourth but wasted little time and quickly moved past Carriger for second before one lap was complete. Mike Gonzales ran fourth with Mike O'Neil in fifth as the field settled down and found their rhythm. Two laps in the books saw Frank Hardman running a high line moving forward as he moved into fifth. On the final go round Hardman moved up to third, O'Neil regrouped for fourth and Steffen out front put in a 22.13/100 second lap no one could match as he bested Herman by nine bike lengths for the win.


The "Rod Lake Racing"/"C&J" Open Amateur class is as close to the pros as you can get. Forty one riders had to come through three heat races to make the field of fifteen for the "A" main event. Brandon Bergen was away first followed by Kevin Knudsen, Joe Hernandez, and Scott Baker. On the second trip down the back straight Hernandez shot past Knudsen for second while Bergen inched away steadily. Bergen's best lap time of 21.98/100 seconds would hold up as he crossed the stripe first with Hernandez second, Knudsen third and Baker fourth.



Forty-eight pros made up seven heat races, with the top two transferring directly to the Digger Helm Pro 600 Main. Three semis would berth one each giving us a field of sixteen for the twenty lap final. With the fastest heat race time by .02/100 of a second, (clocked by Chris from Motion Pro) National #21 Jared Mees reversed the line up starting from the outside on the front row. Next to Mees in order of their heat race times were Jimmy Wood, National #89 Kevin Varnes, National #59 Willie McCoy, National #18 Terry Poovey, and Steve Murray. It took only one wave of starter Fred Allen's green flag for a clean start with Suzuki's Varnes leading the way. Lancaster H.D.'s Mees ran second with WKR/Arai's Atherton third. Entering turn three on the first lap Mees ran underneath Varnes for the lead, with Atherton in tow for second. Wood on a borrowed Ron Wood Yamaha moved from sixth off the line to fourth, then across the stripe to third only to loose the front end and taste tera firma in turn one on lap two. Wood the defending champ would rejoin at the back two laps down. Lap two also would see the exit of 1st Legal/A&A Racing's Terry Poovey. Four laps in had the running order Mees, Atherton, Shaun Russell (on the move), Johnny Murphree (up from an eighth place start), Varnes, and Willie McCoy. A lap later, 1st Legal/KTM's Steve Murray would pass McCoy for sixth, while buried at mid pack were NJK/Shoei Helmets Jethro Halbert and Mike Rush. Back at the front on lap seven Mees was getting away, which is when National Cycle/CoZiahr's Murphree threw the switch and picked up his pace. A lap later Murphree displaced Russell and set his aim on Atherton. Then just before the half way point Atherton's Yamaha expired, with his hand going skyward, Murphree now in second had his work cut out for him as Mees had a twelve bike length lead. At the crossed flags (half way) the order ran Mees, Murphree, Russell, Varnes, McCoy, Rush, Halbert, Moroney's Bryon Smith, KLH's (2005 AMA Horizon Award winner) Stevie Bonsey, Murray, Alex Wood, David Brown, Nicole Cheza, and Jimmy Wood. By the twelfth go round the leaders were into lappers as both Mees and Murphree were held up at different times. Murphree now four bike lengths behind Mees could smell blood. Murphree dug deep on lap fifteen and put the Mr.Ed's Jim Wood Honda up front, but Mees wasn't about to roll over and came right back at him. This is also when Russell's day came to an end advancing Varnes to third. With one lap remaining Mees got held up slightly thus ending any run on Murphree. Halbert had climbed to fourth but couldn't get past Varnes who would take the final podium. McCoy came home fifth followed by Rush, Smith, Bonsey, Murray, Alex Wood, Brown, Cheza, and Jimmy Wood.


What this set up for Sunday's final was a tie for the Maxxis Tires Pro Point Fund between Alex Wood and Stevie Bonsey with Don Howard four points behind. Plus, Sunday's race paid double points which put Jared Mees in the mix. Jethro Halbert led the race for the California Cup Championship, and there was to be a $1,500 "Dash for Cash" between the six heat race winners. But first there was the closed to the public, private dinner at Zumas. For years Zuma's has been "The" place to be after the races, featuring some of the finest Italian food to be found. But due to the large crowds, this year Eddie Mulder stepped up and had the place closed at six P.M. except by invitation to four hundred of his closest friends. A who's who of the dirt track community could be found through out the night bench racing and having a good time.   

Article  by Jamey Blunt

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