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Round 8


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1. 31m Jim Monegan
2. 88y Bob Graves
3. 75z Joe Pape
4. 49g Chuck Ruiz
5. 50 Ruben Malaguarnero
6. 290m Rick Harrington
7. 40 Rob Weisberg

Vet “A” Main

Vet “A” Main
1. 48y Mike Vital
2. 6j Joe Steffen
3. 45e John Lundgren
4. 86x Jim Rosa
5. 42 Bill Kolkman
6. 36 Marshall Lapp
7. 63y Ken Thiebaud
8. 571 Mike O’Neil
9. 112 Dave Ehrhart
10. 24c Craig Estrada
11. 25d Steve Craft
12. 58 Robert Bacosa

Vet “B” Main

Vet “B” Main
1. 20h John Eichelbaugh
2. 42 Craig Johnson
3. 19 Robert Hansen
4. 206 Randy Kremlacek
5. 6 Mark Stuckert
6. 96a Jack Alexander
7. 53h Rob Lanoy
8. 45 Drummond Evans
9. 45 John McArthur
10. 9l Victor McBee

Vet “C” Main

Vet “C” Main

1. 7 Ron Sleeper
2. 12 Jim Duffner
3. 20 Charles Fabiani
4. 44v Al Webber
5. 39y Randy Arrington
6. 9 Monte DuBose
7. 40 Rob Weisberg

Sr Novice/Super Sr

Sr Novice/Super Sr
1. 49x Mickey Alzola
2. 68 Ken Barrow
3. 64v Roy Burris
4. 311t Rich Dominguez
5. 15 Mark Stuckert
6. 80x Bob Harris


1. 3 Mike O’Neil

Classic 250

Classic 250
1. 28z Bruce Reynolds
2. 11 Julian Arthur
3. 661a Ivan Thelin

Classic 500

Classic 500
1. 12e Jeff Lessley
2. 87y Chris Rudy
3. 1 George Wills
4. 51z David Brown
5. 75z Joe Pape
6. 4r Lenny Rodriguez
7. 661a Ivan Thelin

Youth 50

Youth 50
1. 18 Kevin Alcorn
2. 33 Pascal Roberts
3. 169 Kole Hansen
4. 88 Tyler Shelter
5. 5 Kody Kesler
6. 9 Tyler Villalobos
7. 44 Tyler Kolkman

Youth 60

Youth 60
1. 4r Andre Ochs
2. 1 Larry Smith III
3. 18 Kevin Alcorn
4. 27 Joe Roberts
5. 33g Geoff Shelter
6. 46 Josh Malaguarnero

Youth 80

Youth 80
1. 1 Larry Smith III
2. 4r Andre Ochs
3. 11c Geoff Shelter
4. 82 Ross Stuckert
5. 27 Joe Robert

Modern 250

Modern 250
1. 32y Mike Gonzales
2. 28z Bruce Reynolds
3. 45e John Lundgren
4. 42 Craig Johnson
5. 20 Marc Lyons
6. 180 Malcolm Roe
7. 114a Jim Hoogerhyde

Modern 500

Modern 500
1. 98 Rod Lake
2. 17g Shaun Larkin
3. 63y Ken Thiebaud
4. 31m Jim Monegan
5. 19r Brad Rudy
6. 57 Keith Speir

Modern 750

Modern 750
1. 85w Joe Hoogerhyde
2. 58y Jim Ottele
3. 24 Robert Hansen
4. 57x Frank Hardman
5. 57g Jerry Gates
6. 92 Randy Douglas
7. 65 Kenny Malaguarnero
8. 15g Dan Rowland
9. 290m Rick Harrington
10. 48 Joe DiSalvo
11. 76 Mike Wayne

250 Open

250 Open
1. 45 Kayl Kolkman
2. 1nw Chad Cose
3. 33e Michael Avila
4. 71 James Rispoli
5. 87 Lindsey King
6. 25e Kyle Anselmi
7. 64w Lauren Wallace
8. 386 Danielle Diaz
9. 49 Andy Wood
10. 11c Cody Wood
11. 20a Michael Martin
12. 82 Ross Stuckert
13. 56 Bill DeFina
14. 40 Rob Weisberg

500 Support “A” Main

500 Support “A” Main

1. 68 Paul Herman
2. 6j Joe Steffen
3. 21y Tommy Carriger
4. 84j Jeff Gonzales
5. 57g Jerry Gates
6. 34 Ron Hinton
7. 206 Randy Kremlacek
8. 86x Art Guilfoil
9. 32 Mike Gonzales
10. 15g Dan Rowland
11. 57x Frank Hardman
12. 45 Drummond Evans

500 Support “B” Main

500 Support “B” Main

1. 19r Brad Rudy
2. 12e Jim Steet
3. 29 Dan Shaw
4. 7 Ron Sleeper
5. 57 Keith Speir
6. 49g Chuck Ruiz
7. 90 Dave Koppang

Open Amateur “A” Main

Open Amateur “A” Main

1. 17y Brandan Bergen
2. 23 Joe Hernandez, Jr
3. 42 Bill Kolkman
4. 192h Tony Davila
5. 45 Kayl Kolkman
6. 9z Kevin Knudsen
7. 38t Chris Canepa
8. 7 Jesse Sleeper
9. 20h Jon Eichelbaugh
10. 20z Ray Hensley

Open Amateur “B” Main

Open Amateur “B” Main

1. 36 Marshall Lapp
2. 112 Dave Ehrhart
3. 88 Dillon Allen
4. 64w Lauren Wallace
5. 49 Andy Wood
6. 11c Cody Wood
7. 9 Danielle Diaz
8. 20a Michael Martin
9. 45f Tom Sahli
10. 53h Rob Lanoy
11. 64v Roy Burris
12. 222 Margo King

Open Amateur “C” Main

Open Amateur “C” Main

1. 71 James Rispoli
2. 1nw Scott Baker
3. 883 Eric Pinson
4. 39y Randy Arrington
5. 44v Al Webber
6. 26e Cody Anselmi
7. 40 Rob Weisberg

Digger Pro 600

Digger Pro 600

1. 89 Kevin Varnes
2. 21 Jared Mees
3. 69 Jethro Halbert
4. 1n Stevie Bonsey
5. 59 Willie McCoy
6. 28 Shaun Russell
7. 18 Sam Halbert
8. 20 Johnny Murphree
9. 66e Jimmy Wood
10. 31y Mike Rush
11. 17 Henry Wiles
12. 34 David Brown
13. 17y Brandan Bergen
14. 112 Jim Rosa
15. 9 Donnie Howard

Photos by VFT

Eddie Mulder's West Coast Vintage Dirt Track Series

Round 8

Willow Springs (Walt James Stadium) Rosmond, Calif.

Article  by Jamey Blunt

The entry tally showed two hundred fifty seven throttle jockey's returning to Walt James Stadium for round eight of the West Coast Vintage Dirt Track Series. This the final race of the 2005 season paying awarding points.


The "Dash for Cash" came just after the heat races concluded, pitting the six heat race winners in a five lap sprint. Girded were Kevin Varnes, Jimmy Wood, Jared Mees, Jethro Halbert, Stevie Bonsey, and Brown's Cycles David Brown. Only the top three finishers would share in the $1,500 purse. Wood led into turn one followed by Halbert, Bonsey, Varnes, Mees and Brown. Mees got a sling shot drive out of turn two and rocketed past Wood into the lead. Wood seemed stunned and took a brief moment to recover, and Varnes looking superb put the Suzuki into third. Lap three Halbert made a mistake and went to the back of the class. Mees at the front had three bike lengths on Wood who was holding his own. Mees cruised on to the victory with Wood second, Varnes third, Bonsey fourth almost caught by Brown at the stripe and Halbert.


Bob Graves jumped out front off the line in the "Flat Track Ill." senior main event. From the outside of the front row Jim Monegan dropped in behind followed by Ruben Malaguarnero and Joe Pape. By lap two Monegan had pulled a gap over Graves, who now had to worry about Malaguarnero, Pape and an on the move Chuck Ruiz. Entering turn one for the third time Pape snatched the third spot from Malaguarnero while Monegan turned his fastest lap of 23.70/100 seconds. One lap later the finishing order was Monegan, Graves, Pape, and Ruiz up to fourth.


The top twelve riders over 35 years of age on any mount of their choosing made up the "San Diego off Road" Vet "A" main event. Kawasaki of Simi Valley's John Lundgren nailed the start followed by Mr. Ed's Joe Steffen. On the first trip through turn four Jim Rosa and Steffen made contact with Steffen almost kissing it goodbye. Up front Lundgren put in a 22.44/100 second lap trying to get away, Steffen was solid in second and from deep in mid pack Mike Vital was on the fast track to the front. On the third go round Lundgren had company as Steffen and Vital (who got around Rosa) were all over him applying pressure. With one lap remaining Lundgren cracked and went wide out of turn two allowing Vital and Steffen past. At the finish Vital prevailed over Steffen, Lundgren, and Rosa.


Anyone who thinks the over sixty year old class can't be that competitive should have seen this "Coventry Spares" Super Senior main. Mickey Alzola and Ken Barrow had twin lap times in their heat race at 23.87/100 seconds. This could be either one's race for the taking. Barrow shot to the front while Alzola looking down at his Triumph was back in sixth. Down the back straight for the first time Alzola was up to fourth, but Barrow was getting away. Mark Stuckert on a B.S.A. out of Arizona ran second with Roy Burris on the big Yamaha twin third. Between one and two on lap two Alzola went past Burris for third and was on a tear. Entering turn three Alzola made a move and got under Stuckert for second, but Barrow had a nine bike length gap for Alzola to close. Barrow must have felt the pressure from way behind as he made several mistakes allowing Alzola to close the gap. Upon receiving the white flag Alzola went past Barrow for the lead. In the end Alzola came from sixth to win over Barrow, Burris, Rich Dominguez (who got past Stuckert on the last lap) and Stuckert.


The "Megacycle Cams" Classic 500/750sv main had Chris Rudy regroup from his heat race get off to lead the field into turn one from the outside of the front row. George Wills ran second followed by David Brown and Jeff Lessley. Between three and four on the second lap Lessley pushed his Bultaco past Brown's BSA for third. Rudy at the front put in a 23.42/100 second lap trying to get away while Lessley went past Wills into second. By the white flag Lessley the fastest bike on the track had caught Rudy and passed him on the final trip down the back shoot for the lead and the win. Rudy came home second, Wills was third and Brown fourth.


"Saddlemen" sponsored the highly contested 250 Open class where Michael Avila led Kayl Kolkman, Chad Cose, and James Rispoli up to forth from a third row start. Two laps in had Kolkman take over at the front and turn a 22.87/100 second lap. But the single fastest lap of the race would go to Cose at 22.62/100 seconds, as he got by Avila for the second spot. Avila would finish third with Rispoli fourth and Lindsey King the lady in the field putting in one of her finest rides to date to come home a strong fifth.


The "Browns Cycles" 500 support "A" main is one of the toughest classes one could race in, with almost every machine being a Yamaha 500 four stroke single. Joe Steffen launched into the lead followed by the only rider to turn under a 23 second lap time in the heats, Paul Herman. Tommy Carriger ran third with Mike O'Neil fourth and Jeff Gonzales fifth. At the end of one lap Herman hounding Steffen made the pass exiting turn two for the lead. Steffen held tough and broke the 23 second barrier at 22.54/100, but Herman put in a 22.39/100 second lap and inched away. By lap three O'Neil had faded to sixth while Jerry Gates and Ron Hinton had found their rhythm and were moving forward, when the checkered fell Herman and Steffen had a 2.2 second gap over Carriger Gonzales, Gates, and Hinton.


The Open Amateur "A" main event by "Motion Pro" took fourteen of the best from a field of forty in a "run whatcha brung" clash of the Titians. Brandon Bergen aced the start to lead into one followed by Joe Hernandez, Bill Kolkman, Tony Davila, and Jesse Sleeper. Bergen put his head down and turned a 21.99/100 second lap, a pace no one could match, though Hernandez tried hard which almost cost him the farm on lap two as he kissed the hay bales but saved it. Three laps in saw Davila pressuring Bill Kolkman, showing him a wheel at times but not able to find a way around. By lap four Kayl Kolkman and Kevin Knudsen had found their way to fifth and sixth respectfully. On the final lap Bergen keeping in front of a hard charging Hernandez did a 21.87/100 second lap to go on to victory. Hernandez a few lengths back was second, with Bill Kolkman way back third, followed by Davila, Kayl Kolkman, and Knudsen.


A freshly groomed race track welcomed the best fifteen riders to the Digger Helm Pro 600 Main event. Varnes set on pole with the fastest heat race time along with Jimmy Wood, Mees, Jethro Halbert, Bonsey, and David Brown. Mike Rush, Shaun Russell, Don Howard, Willie McCoy, Sam Halbert, and Brandan Bergen made up row two with Johnny Murphree, Jim Rosa, and Henry Wiles coming through the semis in row three. Varnes nailed the start and led into turn one, down the back shoot they were three wide with Jethro Halbert pushing Varnes wide into turn three and Mees along side. Young Bonsey ran fourth with Sam Halbert fifth and defending champ Wood buried in sixth. Exiting turn two for the second time Varnes shot past Jethro Halbert to regain the lead with Mees not missing the opportunity to follow through past Halbert as well for second. By lap three Varnes had a seven bike length gap over Mees and McCoy went past Wood for sixth. On the fourth lap Varnes put in his fastest lap at 20.65/100 seconds setting a new track record, besting Jimmy Wood's by 15/100 seconds. By lap seven Wood was fading as Russell got by moving him to eighth. Meanwhile riding at 100% was Saturday's winner Johnny Murphree from the third row now up to tenth. By the half way point the order was pretty much set with the biggest battle coming from McCoy and Russell who closed in on Bonsey. At the front Varnes inched away lap after lap while Mees gave it his all. At lap fifteen Mees found some new life and closed to within ½ second of Varnes and McCoy was showing Bonsey a wheel applying pressure. On lap sixteen Mees made a mistake between turns one and two giving Varnes an eight bike length gap. Murphree dug deep at this point and found a way around Rush and Wood to climb up to eighth. At the white flag Mees was within striking distance and upon exiting turn four made a run at Varnes hitting his rear wheel. This in turn stood Varnes straight up and caused Mees to back out of the throttle to save it. Varnes went on to win with Mees second, Jethro Halbert third, Bonsey hanging tough for fourth, McCoy fifth, Russell sixth, Sam Halbert seventh, Murphree eighth, Wood ninth, Rush tenth, Wiles eleventh, Brown twelfth, Bergen thirteenth, Rosa fourteenth, and Howard fifteenth. Varnes had this to say about his first time at Willow. "I will be back for sure. We had a ton of riders which is a good thing. Track got a little bumpy but it was a pretty decent track." About the last lap love tap from Mees. "I felt it for sure, I could see his shadow, the sun here is great because I could see his shadow. I thought he went down but luckily he saved it." As for Mees, "The sun was blinding me a bit and I hit his back wheel and almost ripped the handle bars out of my hands. Hey that's racing, it took everything I had to catch him, but catching him and passing him are two different things. Kevin was flying I just couldn't do anything more." Third place Jethro Halbert remarked, "I've never been to Willow before, and it's a lot of fun. Jared and Kevin have this track really dialed, and I couldn't really keep up with them but I held off all the guys behind me so I'm happy with third."


So, back to the original question, who was the big winner? Was it Mees with a "Dash for Cash" win and two second's in the mains or Varnes with a third in the Dash, and a first and third in the mains, and the new track record? How about Bonsey, who won the Maxxis Tire Pro Point Fund with an eighth and a fourth in the mains? Perhaps Jethro Halbert, who won the California Cup and put in fourth and third place performances in the mains. Actually the big winner was everyone in attendance, as this was the closest thing to a national on the west coast, and the best dirt track racing this state has seen in a long time.

Article  by Jamey Blunt

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