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TT Scrambles Round 7

@ Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, CA!


SATURDAY, December 17, 2022

Practice 12-4pm & Overnight camping

Practice Fee: $20

NOTE:  If you paid to practice at the last event (OktoberFast GP), please email

Tami@OldSchoolScramblesRacing.com and let me know so I can make arrangements for you.  Thank you.

Camping Fee: $10 per vehicle, per night

Note: If camping, you will be required to pay your $10 gate fee for Sunday!

Gates open @ 6:30am to 8:00pm

SUNDAY, December 18, 2022

OSSRG TT Scrambles Round 7

Gates open @ 6:00am

Gate Fee: $10 per person, children under 5 free

Sign-Up/Check-In: 7:00am

Riders Meeting: 9:00am

Practice: 9:30am

Racing after practice….

Old School

AFT  Merchandise

Received this from Don Ware.   

"Hi , I was going through some of my Grandfathers stuff and found this photo. It's a signed photo of Jack and Cordy Milne.

Date of 10-4-47 . IT'S Damn Cool and I wanted to share it with people who would think it's Cool. Grandpa was Way into

bikes around 1947 and lived in and around Pasadena at the time. And he talked about taking my Dad to Gilmore to see races.

I believe his last bike was a 47 Indian Chief."

American Super Camp

https://www.xtremeiceracing.com                 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfbzAqykD28


Hot Shoe Hall of Fame

Provisional 2023 Progressive American Flat Track schedule

March 9, 2023 - DAYTONA Flat Track I, Daytona Beach, FL
March 10, 2023 - DAYTONA Flat Track II, Daytona Beach, FL
March 25, 2023 - Senoia Short Track, Senoia, GA
April 1, 2023 - Arizona Bike Week (Venue TBA), Phoenix, AZ
April 22, 2023 - Devil’s Bowl Half-Mile, Mesquite, TX
May 6, 2023 - Ventura Short Track, Ventura, CA
May 13, 2023 - Sacramento Mile, Sacramento, CA
May 27, 2023 - Red Mile, Lexington, KY
June 3, 2023 - Virginia Half-Mile (Venue TBA), VA
June 17, 2023 - Du Quoin Mile, Du Quoin, IL
June 24, 2023 - Lima Half-Mile, Lima, OH
July 8, 2023 - Orange County Half-Mile, Middletown, NY
July 22, 2023 - Bridgeport Half-Mile, Bridgeport, NJ
July 30, 2023 - Peoria TT, Peoria, IL
August 6, 2023 - Buffalo Chip TT, Sturgis, SD
August 12, 2023 - Castle Rock TT, Castle Rock, WA
September 2, 2023 - Springfield Mile I, Springfield, IL
September 3, 2023 - Springfield Mile II, Springfield, IL






David Aldana: The Last Prince


Vintage Flat Tracker Archives and Info!



Trailblazers 74th Annual Banquet
Held at the Carson Events Center, Carson, California
April 7th, 2018

Link to Banquet  Photos       Link to Bike Show Photos

Photos of flat trackers at auction

More photos

Link to Riders List

Added new Street Trackers

Street Tracker Index Page



Greg Owen Interviews

 http://www.youtube.com/ Jim McMurren

http://www.youtube.com/ Dan Rouit

Web Site    Facebook

Don LaRue's Web Site of National Numbers


Old VFT Photos from home page

 I found this photo sequence I took a few years ago of Brandon Bergen at Willow.

Photos page

Lodi 100cc TT National

Link to coverage and results

Lodi - Nite before the Mile

Sammy honored Dominic Colindres, who won last years race,

by running Dominic's number.

Link Lodi results and more photos

2022 Open House Photos


2019 Events & Results

Mecom Las Vegas Auction

January 25

Trailblazers Banquet

April 7

Eddies WCDTS Willow Springs

May 4

Eddies WCDTS Willow Springs

May 5

SCFTA Framer Shootout

May 10

AFT Perris National

May 11

Lodi Nite Before The Mile

August 9

AFT Sacramento  Mile

August 10

Sacramento  Mile - Sunday Amateur

August 11

2018 Events & Results

Trailblazer Banquet

April 7

Lake Cachuma British Bike Rally

June 1

SCFTA Round 2 P.........................erris

2017 Events & Results

Trailblazers Banquet

April 22

Lodi - Nite Before The Mile

May 19

Sacramento Mile

May 20

Dan Rouit Memorial Open House

May 21

Las Vegas Auction

June 1

Eddie's British Bike Rally

June 2

Eddie's WCDTS Willow Springs

October 1

2016 Events & Results

at Perris

January 24

SCFTA Round 1 Perris

February 13

SCFTA Round 2 Perris

March 12

Trailblazers Banquet

April 23

SCFTA Round 3 Perris

April 23

SCFTA Round 4 Perris

May 14

SCFTA Round 5 Perris

May 15

Lodi - Nite Before the mile

May 20

SCFTA Round 6 Perris

June 4

SCFTA Round 7 Perris

July 16

SCFTA Round 8 Perris

August 6

SCFTA Round 9 Perris

September 10

WCVDT Willow Springs

October 1

WCVDT Willow Springs

October 2

SCFTA Round 10 Perris

October 15

Old School Scrambles

November 20


2015 Events & Results

Del Mar Short Track

February 14

 SCFTA Round 1 Perris

March 28

Trailblazers Banquet

April 11

 SCFTA Round 2 Perris

April 18

SCFTA Round 4 Perris

May 15

Cal Expo GNC

May 30

Cal Expo CFTA Vintage - Amature

May 31

SCFTA Round 5 Perris

June 20

SCFTA Round 7 Perris

July 25
SCFTA Round 8 Perris

August 15
SCFTA Round 10 Perris

October 10

SCFTA Round 11 Perris

November 14

AMA National - Las Vegas

November 20
 Joe Kopp race report from Las Vegas

November 20

Nicky At Perris

February 13

Bultaco Astro Cup

September 5

. .

2014 Events & Results

SCFTA Round 1 Perris

February 15

SCFTA Round 3 Perris

March 15

San Jose Indoor

March 29

Trailblazers Banquet

April 5

SCFTA Round 4 Perris

April 5th

SCFTA Round 5 Perris

May 17

SCFTA   Round 7 Perris

July 26

Cal Expo GNC

July 26

Castle Rock

August 1

Castle Rock

August 2

Castle Rock

August 2

SCFTA   Round 8 Perris

August 23

SCFTA   Round 10 Perris

October 10
Speedway -World Championship

October 11
SCFTA   Round 11 Perris

November 8

Race Pages Index Page from previous years